Branded search: The bread and butter of PPC

branded search

For the new business, it’s a form of advertising that’s certainly difficult to get up and running. However, for any established brand out there, few would disagree that branded search is the bread and butter of PPC.

In fact, some brands are happy to make a loss on their non-brand search; such is the power of their brand.

For those of you who are not aware of the benefits that this form of PPC brings, let’s take a look at them in detail through the course of this guide.

You can dominate the search results page

Again, this is only going to be a benefit if you are a big brand as for everyone else, the traffic just isn’t going to be worthwhile.

According to Assertive Media, one of the principal benefits of branded terms is being able to dominate your search engine results page. In other words, when a person searches for your company on Google, not only will they see your organic listing from all of your SEO efforts, but they will also see a paid listing above this. This means that you have twice as much real estate on the SERP as you would normally.

As we all know, increased real estate leads to a higher CTR. If you have competitors bidding on your brand, this can be really important and ensures that most people are going to end up on your page after searching for your company.

It’s incredibly cheap

As we all know, CPC prices for some competitive terms can be ludicrously high. There have been examples of some costing in excess of $100 each – which is hardly sustainable for most companies.

Branded search, meanwhile, doesn’t carry such costs. Sure, you are going to have to pay, but in general you’ll be paying cents rather than dollars.

It’s not just about the low direct cost of this traffic, but also the Quality Score factor. As users are actively searching for your brand, their interaction with your company is going to be much higher. The laws of Quality Score dictate lower costs for you as a result of this.

You’ll be capturing people at the right end of the funnel

As anyone involved in marketing will testify, the end of the funnel is where all of the money is. It’s the point in which people have completed all of their research and are ready to click that elusive ‘buy’ button.

Suffice to say, those people who are researching a specific brand are usually right at the end of this funnel. They are searching for a brand because they know what it offers, and generally they want to take full advantage of it.

A non-brand keyword might involve them looking through lots of companies before making their decision. However, if they have already searched for your company, they have completed this phase and are now looking to complete their journey. By bidding on branded words you can ensure that you are ready and waiting for them.