What Is Direct Response Marketing & Why It Works?

There are many different types and styles of marketing. Different styles and methods of marketing are designed to achieve different goals. Email newsletter ads are a type of marketing, but they do not serve the same intention as direct response 0marketing. Direct response marketing is one of the marketing styles that get results or responses the fastest. The name ‘direct response’ gives away the key goal with this marketing method. Direct response materials are meant to evoke an instant reaction from the customer. If this instant reaction triggers an action in a customer, the ad has succeeded. The makeup of a direct response ad is what creates this speedy result. How direct response marketing works is also why it works. One of the oldest marketing styles is still powerful, even in this digital world. Here is everything you need to know about direct response marketing and why it is still effective today.

What And Where

marketing strategy

Chances are, everyone has seen a direct response ad at some point. You can find direct response marketing ads on TV, online, in print, and everywhere in between. Social media posts tend to only work within social media platforms because of platform-specific connotations, but direct response marketing is nearly universal. The critical point of a direct response ad is the call to action. If a direct response ad does not evoke action in a customer, the ad has failed. A direct response ad is any ad in any medium that intends for the customer to act instantly because of the tempting offer. Direct response ads are supposed to give the advertiser an instant market of people that are at least interested in what they are selling. Even if a direct response ad doesn’t result in a sale, if the customer visited the site, made an account, or shared their information, then the ad achieved something of value for the business.

Advantages Over other Styles

Direct response has two main advantages over other marketing styles; direct response gives the fastest response or results, and these ads can fit on almost any digital platform or mold to fit within any medium. Other marketing campaigns aim to raise brand awareness or affect brand image, but that process takes time. A brand can measure from the moment a direct response ad goes live to see the impact; there is no warm-up or waiting period with direct response. The nearly instant results also help data tracking so you can learn more about your audience through how they interact with one direct response ad. The more you learn about your audience, the more targeted you can be with your ads. Once you know a specific group that responds well to certain ads, you can keep sending those ads for a reliable result.

The Ingredients And Why They Work

sale offer

There are only three ingredients in a direct response ad: an offer, information, and a call to action with a means of responding right away. The simplicity of these three ingredients also contributes towards its success. The offer is the hook telling customers why they should pay attention, the information tells the customer how the offer will fix their current problem or pain point, and the call to action at the end tells the customer how to claim the offer right away.

There is nothing for a customer to get confused about or hung up on; they are presented with an offer and how to claim it. There are no barriers to entry with direct response marketing as all the customer has to do is call the number or go to the website to complete what the ad was asking for. Limited time offers, combined with the simplicity of direct response marketing, trigger a customer’s fear of missing out and urge to buy.

Direct response presents an attractive offer and a way to immediately capitalize on that offer, which is also a psychological trick that uses impulse control and customer fears, but the strategy proves very useful. That is not to say customers will always buy or click when something is put in front of them, but the ingredients in direct response make it more likely. If you can tie your direct response offer into a customer’s fear, frustration, or pain point, they are more likely to click through and take you up on your offer. Direct response marketing also offers an instant fix to whatever fear, frustration, or pain point the customer wants to eliminate, making the click even more appealing because of the immediacy. Direct response is one of the most popular types of marketing for a few reasons. The ad instantly goes out and reports data back to the company. Even direct response ads that don’t garner clicks or calls still give the company information about its audience and targets for future ads. Direct response ads work quickly, and if they succeed, they succeed quickly too. A company could publish an online direct response ad and see customer reactions within the hour; speeds once thought to be impossible with other types of marketing. Direct response ads work on any platform and medium, making them a nearly universal tool. The simplicity of direct response also helps the ploy work. Direct response ads are and will remain an excellent low-cost but high return option for marketing.


How Tech Can Save Company Time

One of the most significant benefits of technology is the time it saves. Think about how long it used to take to print a book, to communicate overseas, and to receive the news – with technology, those areas of life have become far quicker.

For companies, time-saving is equal to money-saving, meaning it’s at the forefront of every business owner and manager’s mind. If you want to know how tech can help you save the company time, then read on.

Faster Communication

These days, an employee doesn’t have to be in the office to check in with the team. Whether they are working from home or on a business trip, there are plenty of ways to communicate on phones and computers. With instant messaging, your team can keep up to date wherever and whenever, and it is quicker than having to wait for the perfect moment to host a meeting with everyone present.

easy communication

Easier Collaboration

Working on a collaborative project can be tricky when people are in different places and struggle to slot each other into their schedule, meaning projects could take weeks longer than originally planned. One easy way to solve this is to use collaborative software. By using a free Slack alternative, your team can keep up to date with any developments and contribute no matter where they are in the world.

Streamlined Onboarding

Onboarding is a long and slow process. With lots to sort out, including payroll and learning the ways of the office, it helps to find a system that speeds up the process. By using HR software, you can automate most of the onboarding process. Rather than dealing with seemingly endless paperwork, there is more time to teach new employees the ropes and make them feel comfortable, leading to better employee retention. 

cyber security

Installing Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is essential for many reasons, and one of the main ones is the time it saves. If you find your work computers hacked, it could take a long time to restore data and implement a new security system. By starting with excellent cybersecurity, in the beginning, you ensure you avoid this.

Automated Time Tracking

Time easily runs away, especially when you don’t realize how long you spend on a project. By implementing automated time tracking into the workplace, employees will learn just how much time goes into what, ensuring increased productivity and less time-wasting. It also means managers can see where the team’s time is going, helping them delegate jobs better.

Video Interviews and Meetings

Hosting meetings and interviews in-house can be time-consuming for all involved. Video meetings provide a useful alternative. Instead of requiring people to travel every time a catch up is needed, they can simply open their laptop and choose a video call platform to speak face-to-face with each other. Technology can help businesses in several ways, and one of the most useful is the amount of time it saves. Choose the right technology to save as much business time as possible.

digital marketing

Digital marketing – why it’ll be useful to you

Digital marketing is very useful to us as consumers. It helps us identify brands and learn about them – where they originate, their sustainability and economic intelligence, as well as the product itself. We always look at brands whenever we shop, and we want to know if we’re supporting the right causes.

Where can we find digital marketing?

There are many different places we can find digital marketing to research brands and help us in our search to find what we need while being good to smaller and larger businesses. Here are some examples:

  • Social media. This can come in two forms: through the brand’s personal social media page, where they are wholly focused on the brand, its journey, and its products, or through social media influencers. This is the use of online personalities to promote a product, and these are often accompanied by promo codes and new, exclusive products or events. You’ll often see this on YouTube or Instagram where influencers have been paid to show off an item or product. This may also be part of a sponsorship deal. This may also be a good place to pick up reviews and opinions of certain products.
  • Websites. This is generally the home of the business’ online identity and will hold contact details and purchase options as well as comments of fellow consumers who leave reviews. It will also have lots of information about the business and how it works, as well as some information on the founders.

Many businesses outsource to leading web design agency ALT Agency, for example, to help them with their digital marketing needs and to help their interests. They also help with internet trends and figuring out how to get websites viewed in the correct light. This keeps overheads lower than if you created an in-house position.


How can it help me, as a consumer?

There are many benefits to digital marketing for the consumer, as well as the business. Here are some ways digital marketing helps you as a buyer:

  • You can see and interact with other consumers of the same and similar products, to get an all-round review of what you are investing in
  • You can get a feel for the business before going and seeing it in person, so you know what to expect, such as a restaurant or museum
  • You can learn a lot about the business and review their ethics and rules. They will often state if they are cruelty-free, Fairtrade or environmentally friendly
  • You can see a range of products that they may offer
  • You can get in contact with the business and inquire about questions

There are many ways that digital marketing impacts us as buyers, as well as how it helps the business grow. Digital marketing provides research tools for consumers to understand the purposes of businesses and to enlighten us toward their cause, and helps us make the right decision about their products, and helps us judge whether it is a worthy investment or not.

cellphone recycle

Recycling Mobile Devices – A “Novel” Idea

Who would have thought 20 years ago there would be a need to recycle cell phones as ubiquitous as kiosk machines for car key duplication or getting movie DVDs to watch at home? Yet that’s the case today at the end of 2020 that an obsolete or old cell phone and similar devices can now be both recycled as well as converted into valuable cash versus just being a bookend or taking up space in a home drawer.

Where are ecoATMs?

What is ecoATM? The company that is pushing the recycling devices and converting them into valuable second-hand phones to be used again elsewhere is ecoATM. Originally getting into the tech recycle business back in 2015, ecoATM made it possible for anyone near one of their physical kiosk to simply bring an older cell phone to it, let the machine identify the model, and exchange it for cash. The machine was a leap forward as recycle programs prior to this point required phone owners to ship their phones to a clearing address, and then they would find out weeks later whether it was worth anything or shipped back. Today, these ecoATMs near me kiosks can be found anywhere ranging from shopping malls to gas stations to the local Walmart at the entrance/exit point. Anywhere where people traffic heavily, there’s a chance an ecoATM is going to be found now.

The most common phones that produce a payout will be old iPhones and Android phones. That said there are a few odd brands and items that could be viable as well. It really depends on whatever ecoATM as a company is looking for at the time in terms of giving value and cash payment. However, despite the success of the ecoATMs, the company still takes online trades as well. So even folks who aren’t physically near a kiosk can still send in their pre-owned gadgets and receive a payout for their worth.

A Multi-Benefit Solution

Recycling is a smart idea all the way around. First, it gets old, unused tech out of people’s homes and back into the hands of those who can still use the devices. Many of the phones end up being cleaned up and used again with networks overseas in other countries. In these areas, there are few people who have bank accounts or traditional finance tools, but the mobile phone has become incredibly powerful, giving people the ability to transact, exchange, sell and buy through their cell phone versus a credit card or ATM or similar. Second, it avoids old tech from ending up in the garbage and landfills, which ultimately ends up poisoning the environment. Old tech still has a lot of components made from chemicals and toxic materials that, when released, can poison the immediate soil for decades. Just think about everything that goes into a lithium phone battery, for example. And they can be instant fire hazards too.

Just in Time for the Future

With newer, advanced phones coming out every two years or sooner, the number of older and obsolete phones and mobile devices is just going to increase with time. The common joke in modern society now is that even five-year-olds have smartphones to play with. So, if that’s the case, how many phones will the typical person have or go through by the time he or she reaches 30? Quite a few. And those old phones no longer used need to go somewhere. So, with ecoATM there is a solution to multiple needs, including giving people cash which they can use right away for immediate needs having nothing to do with the old phone. It really is a win-win solution in a lot of ways, just in time for what is likely to be an ongoing proliferation of mobile tech in 2021.

data protection

How a Company Can Legally Protect Itself From Cyber Attacks

Improving technology and digitization are generally wonderful things for modern businesses. One unfortunate side effect of them, however, is that they have helped usher in more severe cybersecurity threats. As companies grow increasingly digital, and their technology grows increasingly sophisticated, hackers have gained more opportunities to exploit and more sophisticated ways to do so. Breached systems remain common; data theft is more prevalent; and a widespread ransomware crisis is only getting worse.

cyber attack

All of this only means that companies need to be more diligent than ever about protecting themselves against cyber attacks. And there are a few particularly effective ways to legally do just that.

Practice In-House Security Measures

The most effective way to legally guard against cyber attacks is to take advantage of business-oriented cybersecurity tips that can be practiced in-house. On the most fundamental level, these include things like improving password protection on company devices and/or software programs. They may also include doing formal IT cybersecurity training. And a particularly diligent company might consider hiring an outside IT company (or even an individual expert) who can come in and boost security in a lasting and effective way. These ideas can ultimately help to weave cyber security into a company’s culture.

Structure as an LLC

In addition to guarding against security threats, today’s businesses also need to consider how to guard against the effects of those threats. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to do so is to simply establish or restructure the business as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). There are various benefits to this kind of structure when it comes to how a business is organized or set up to grow, but where security is concerned an LLC offers protection for the company owner(s) in the event that there is a data breach. This company structure legally separates ownership’s personal assets from those of the company, such that there is no personal liability for lost data or other effects. So, while the ideal situation involves preventing attacks in the first place, this is still a valuable security measure to consider.

Purchase Liability Insurance

As a follow-up to the above point, modern company owners should also consider liability insurance as another fail-safe against cyber-attack damage. As with the LLC structure (though in a different way) it helps to protect personal assets from being at risk in the event that business assets are compromised.

Handle Software Proactively

From basic communication and file-transfer programs, to cyber-security software, to VPNs, there are all kinds of digital tools that factor into today’s businesses’ cyber-security efforts. One other simple thing these businesses can do to remain on top of security is to ensure that all of these programs are patched and upgraded as needed. This is a matter of maintenance, and requires minimal effort, but it can make a meaningful difference. Outdated software programs can be vulnerable to hackers who have learned how to exploit them, and in some cases may be outdated specifically because more secure updates were released. Staying on top of all this and handling software proactively is essential for modern digital security.

Keep Data Organized & Off-Site

Another key internal practice for companies seeking to prevent cyber attacks is to keep data organized, tidy, and preferably off-site. Today, this tends to mean embracing cloud data management systems. Even beyond security, there are a lot of reasons that cloud computing is ideal for modern businesses: They save money, they’re more agile, and they fit the more spread-out nature of work increasingly being adopted today. But crucially, cloud data management also removes valuable company data from on-site hardware and houses it instead in a more secure online environment. It is often easier to keep organized, and with proper security measures it can be more difficult for a cybercriminal to breach.

These strategies all require some time and effort. But they are also legal, reasonable, and effective ways to guard against cyber attacks in today’s increasingly challenging digital landscape.

domain name

Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

If you are ready to start a website for your online company, then you are taking a big step. It is exciting to launch a new business and there are a lot of challenges that you are going to face. At the same time, there is nothing that is as fulfilling as starting a new company from the ground up. 

One of the first challenges that you are going to face is naming your company. Remember that the name of your company is going to act as a digital storefront for your business. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get this decision right. When it comes to business domain name ideas, there are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Check Out the Competition

First, take a look at some of the competitors that you have in your industry. When you take a look at a few of their business domain names, you might notice a theme. Try to see if there are any trends regarding the top companies in your sector. Then, try to develop a business name that is in line with some of the industry leaders. That way, you can set your business up in a position to be successful as well. There are plenty of top-level domain names from which to choose, so don’t hesitate to get creative.

Think About Your Keyword Research

keyword research

You want to make sure that your online business is easy to find. The vast majority of people who visit your website are going to come from search engines. Therefore, it is critical to think about some of the common words and phrases that people might enter when they are looking for something that your business provides. Many new businesses are using .ONLINE business domains instead of .com domains because of the ability to claim a great domain name with .ONLINE is much easier. 

As a result, you need to conduct thorough keyword research. Figure out what people are usually entering when they are looking for something in your industry. Then, develop a domain name that includes one of these keywords. This will help your company rank well on search engines.

Don’t Hesitate To Use a Thesaurus

As you will go about your research trying to figure out what you want to name your online business, you may find that some of the most popular names are already taken. If you are wondering what to do next, think about using a thesaurus. You are welcome to either pull out of concrete thesaurus or use an online thesaurus

This can help you come up with new, fresh ideas for your company that mean the same thing but still provide you with a unique domain name. Take a look at a few of the most common synonyms and see if you like any of them. Then, you can also check their availability and see if they might suit your online business.

Talk To Family Members and Friends


Think about who your target market is. Then, see if you know anyone who would benefit from the products and services that your company provides. If you do, talk to them and see if they have any ideas for your company name. It is always helpful to get a unique perspective as you are trying to name your business. After all, you may want to talk to some of your potential customers and see what they think about potential business names. You might be able to use one of their ideas as a launching point for your .ONLINE business domain name.

Think About Adding Some Descriptive Adjectives

If you don’t like any of the ideas from the thesaurus, then you could consider adding an adjective or two to your original domain name. While you don’t want to make your business name too long because it might make it too hard to remember, there’s nothing wrong with adding an adjective in front of the name of your business. You may find that this addition makes your domain name available. Of course, make sure that you pick a positive adjective for your business. You want to add an adjective that makes sense for the products and services that your company provides. For example, a restaurant might use an adjective such as “tasty” or “delicious” in front of their original domain name.

Develop a Strong Domain Name for Your Online Business

If you are starting a website for your company, then you need to develop a strong domain name using the .ONLINE domain. Your domain name is going to play a major role in the brand, identity, and authority of your company. If you are having trouble figuring out what you want your domain name to be, don’t worry! There are plenty of trained professionals who are willing to lend a helping hand. By selecting the right domain name for your company, you place your business in the best position possible to be successful.

cyber security

Cyber-Security Tips for Your Small Business

All businesses are at risk of cyber-attacks, but many business owners are completely unaware of the dangers until it is too late. According to a survey, approximately 50% of businesses claimed they have been under attack in the past 12 months; therefore, your business isn’t exempt and is at significant risk of being the next target. Despite this, there are tactics you can utilize to lower your risk and prevent private data and other assets from being hacked into or stolen. Below are just some of the ways you can increase the cybersecurity of your business:

  • Improve password protection

Using passwords to protect your business data is the first stage of improving your cybersecurity. Many people overlook the importance of strong passwords, but it is often the main reason why devices can be hacked in the first place.

Strong passwords are vital. They need to contain letters, numbers, special characters, and a word that isn’t easily guessed (such as the company name or name of an employee). If there is sensitive data that you don’t wish for employees to access, ensure you use a separate password for personal devices or folders.

cyber security
  • Hire an IT company

If you have no experience in cybersecurity, you’ll be at an even higher risk of hacking scandals for the simple fact that you won’t know what to look out for. Data Cube Systems is an IT cyber-security company that will create a strategy to suit your needs, identifying, detecting, and responding to any cyber-attacks that may be putting your devices and data at risk.As a result, you won’t have to worry about viruses and malware getting through to your system, as a professional IT company will handle the situation on your behalf and give you the freedom and time to carry out your usual business duties.

  • Include cyber-security training

During the hiring process, it is important to give your employees basic training on cybersecurity policies. Hacking scandals are usually invited onto devices through human error; by clicking a link or downloading software that may be untrustworthy. Therefore, informing your employees straight away about what to look out for will dramatically reduce the number of cyber-attacks within your small business. It would also be worth carrying out regular training sessions to keep up to date, as hacking scandals are constantly developing.

·      Perform background checks

You may be so caught up in the worry that outsiders are a threat to your business that you overlook the possibility of risks within your internal workforce. Inside scandals are one of the most common and greatest threats your business can face. 50% of security threats are at the hands of employees, which is why you need to be extremely careful when hiring new staff members. It would be highly advised to perform background checks before committing yourself to any potential employee, as this will give you an idea of their character and whether they have any criminal history that could be a danger to your business.


Why Use Asset Tracking in Help Desk Analytics Software; What Factor to consider

Are you looking for the top of line help desk software to take your help desk troubles away?

Automation of processes is essential to any organization that is growing and developing rapidly. A business needs to increase its efficiency when faced with these changes in extensive communication and many customers. Helpdesk desk analytics software has become a crucial part of any modern business to integrate processes to meet customer satisfaction. However, finding the best help desk software can be a challenge when looking for a particular one to give you the best overall returns. You should consider essential factors when looking for the best Help Desk and asset management software in your business.

Map and prioritize Features You Need

Before you purchase a help desk and asset management software, it is essential to carry a complete assessment of the workload that your business is currently receiving and the projecting that you may have for the future in terms of growth. You may also consider all the integration angles that your business will need with all departments, customers, and other companies. Consider a system that will improve the interaction of your support processes. This will help you settle for a plan that will improve or supplement your productivity, integrate smoothly with other platforms, and finally scale your business’s growth.

Don’t forget Data security

data security

Software systems can be integrated with so many other platforms. This may lead to a cyber-security breach. Your business may be handling a lot of essential data such as names, addresses, and other sensitive customer and business information. It is essential to consider a secured Help Desk software system that can encrypt all your data. Carry out a complete assessment of the safety of the software to avoid risking the privacy of your data and customer information.

Know your budget

It is crucial to perform an in-depth analysis of several Help Desk and asset management software systems because they all have different prices. Don’t ever assume that.

 The most expensive software comes with quality features, and better functionality will solve all your problems. Some companies are generally costly; some have better products and much affordable. Always check the functionality of a system regarding your budget and the experience that it will bring to your business before settling for one.

Think Database


When your business is growing and developing, the number of customers will also increase. As a result, there will be many inquiries about the services you offer, complaints and recommendations will also increase.The best help desk analytics is automated and has a knowledge base. This enables it to detect frequent ask questions and come up with a standard reply to them. As a result, it reduces the workload by allowing your support staff to focus on complex problems requiring special attention. If having a database based on a database is essential to you, and your company is database-driven, think seriously about getting software that will match all these needs.

Ratings and Reviews

The rating and reviews about so many products and services are always doctored to increase sales. It would help if you were very careful not to trust the entire flies that are marketing specific IT Asset Management applications. Some of them may be producing substandard software. A lot of research work will be required on your part to determine the number of years those companies have been in the market, how many people have purchased the systems they produce, and the experience they have with the designs. Lastly, it would help if you researched their market position before deciding to make your move of placing an order.

Set Your Expectation

A proper consultation with some of the critical departments is needed, especially your IT team. This will enable you and your team to agree on what system will best suit the organization. It will be dangerous when your vision is conflicting with those of everyone else regarding the direction and the objective you want to achieve with the System base software you wish to purchase. Settling for a system that will help you achieve your long term objective will be the best compared to paying for one that will sort short term objectives. This will mean going into the market for another purchase once the short term objective is achieved. You may end up been stuck again in the middle of nowhere as a result. Therefore, it is essential to settle for one that will address both the short and long-term objectives.

Ultimately, many considerations will come into place when selecting help desk software. Proper care and research will help you settle for the best and save your business money, time, and improve efficiency.

online advertisement

How Technology Has Changed Advertising Campaigns

Over the years, advancements in technology changed the way people were exposed to information and ideas. For decades, sending flyers through the mail or advertising on billboards were the best ways to attract attention. Often, store owners would allow advertisers to place their ads in the front windows of their store. With technological advancements, however, the advertising world has been forever changed.  

Radio and Television Advertising

Radio in the 1920s opened up a new medium for advertisers. During station breaks from the news and other programs, listeners would be tempted by a number of products. With the invention of television 20 years later, the playing field was changed even more. For the first time, consumers could see products being used in real time. Vacuum cleaners showed dirt being picked up and people ate a variety of treats and packaged dinners. As advertisers got more creative, their ads became more entertaining. In fact, some ads today are so clever you might not realize what’s being sold until you get to the end of the ad.

Digital Marketing

The emergence of high-speed internet uprooted the well-established methods of selling products. Digital marketing allowed consumers to buy goods online without leaving the comfort of their homes. With customers’ waning attention spans and limited time, the internet met the fast-paced demands of today’s consumers. Prospective buyers need only power up their search engine to find a wide range of products.  

Social media has become a successful platform for marketers as well. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow advertisers to market their wares without paying the hefty airtime fees that are required on television.

Content for Optimal Searching

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, has become a successful method for advertisers in the internet age. Since hundreds of entries usually appear in a search for a particular product, advertisers want to ensure their information makes it near the top of the list. Research has shown that most consumers limit their product selection to the first few entries that pop up in the search.

Great content writing is the key to ensuring your page appears as close to the top as possible. It also helps you to build your own unique brand. Because each website targets a specific audience, the content must be relevant to the business being advertised. Most importantly, the content must include keywords to improve the SEO of the search. Those keywords are typically terms related to the business and are words that consumers would most likely use when searching for specific products and services.

SEO content can utilize a number of digital means, including articles, e-books, videos and blog posts. The writing, however, must be geared toward helping people find the intended website.

Targeted Advertising

targeted ad is one that serves a designated audience. Ads are chosen based on the targeted individuals’ tastes and other factors.

Targeted advertising uses a number of measures to determine which consumers to target. A couple of examples of this niche marketing include:

  • Geotargeting – Ads can steer individuals to a certain market based on their geographic location. A product with a regional flair may be geared toward the consumers in specific cities or regions in the country or the world.
  • Contextual advertising – Technology has become so sophisticated that algorithms are able to track people’s online behavior. Ads that appear are based on search queries and websites visited. Groups can also be targeted based on specific user data, such as gender and age.

Advertising has evolved with technology. The goal, however, is the same. Advertisers want to market their products in a way that entices consumers to buy them.


Chromebook vs Windows 10 Laptop: Which Is Right For You?

Ever stopped to wonder about the difference between Google’s Chromebooks and Microsoft’s Windows 10?

You may not know it, but Chromebooks may be what you need depending on what your situation is. There are many factors you need to consider when comparing the two operating systems. 

To lessen your headache in deciding the best between the two, look no further. Here’s a guide comparing their features from the user interface to their value. Read on to learn the difference between Chromebook vs Windows 10. 

Chromebook vs Windows 10 

Are you interested to know where it all started? Before we move on to comparing Chromebooks vs Windows 10, let’s take a short detour to learn about their history. 


The Chromebook is a tablet or laptop running Chrome OS as an operating system. This type of laptop uses the Google Chrome browser to perform a variety of tasks. Most applications and data you have in your Chromebook are in the cloud rather than the laptop. 

Chromebooks were first released in 2011, with Acer Inc and Samsung selling the first ones. The Chromebooks line is the most successful Linux laptop computer ever launched. Recent launches can now run Linux and Android apps. 

Windows 10 

Windows 10 is a popular operating system with an impressive 77% market usage share worldwide. It got released to the general public in 2015 and surpassed Windows 7 as the most popular version by May 2020. Microsoft sells Windows licenses, which you can load on laptops and desktops. 

Microsoft’s wide-open approach has let Windows conquer over its competition for the past few decades. Windows boasts that they have the largest library of traditional software. This is because of Microsoft Window’s longevity and global availability. 

It can run through plenty of brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, and so on. With so many big brands tied to this OS, it’s no wonder why it’s the most popular OS today.


The latest version of Chrome OS shows a Start-like button in the bottom-left corner. When you press it, the launcher shows your most opened apps with a Google search bar. Whether you have touch support or not, scrolling down can give you Google Now info cards. 

You can see information like suggested articles, local weather, and calendar updates. Chromebooks also have support for the Play Store for Android apps. The taskbar of the desktop typically shows active apps and shortcuts for Google apps. 

Some essential Google apps include Drive, Docs, YouTube. You can find the basic settings, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, at the bottom right. Chrome OS is a web-first operating system, which means all the apps need the Chrome browser to run. 

Windows 10 has a more well-polished and seamless operating system compared to its predecessors. You can find the start menu and basic settings in the same area in Chromebooks. The Start button reveals your most use programs and recently installed software on the left side. 

The right side of the start menu shows your pinned apps, and some apps may have animations. The taskbar includes a Cortana search bar with small icons next to it, showing active apps. On the bottom left, you can find the notifications icon with the action center. 

Both the Chromebooks and Windows 10 can handle multitasking. You can place the apps side-by-side up to four windows. They also have touch-friendly models and those that can have tablet mode. 


Chromebooks use modest processors for their system. One of the low-end Chromebooks is Samsung’s Chromebook 3 that runs with a Celeron processor with only 4GB RAM. At the higher end, Google’s Pixelbook runs with a Core i5 processor with 16GB RAM. 

Google Pixelbook can cost up to $1,399 for only 256GB storage and a 4K screen. These are great specs, but Windows can surpass these specs for a lower price with ease. If you’re looking for better and proper performance, Chromebooks may not be the one for you. 

Windows 10 laptops have more of a variety of processors from NVIDIA and AMD. Their systems can use the latest Core i9 processor for the best graphics for gaming. High-end laptops can go up to 64GB RAM for heavy intensive tasks like editing and gaming. 

Apps and Programs

Chromebooks offers an ever-growing library of apps and programs which Windows 10 may not be able to run. This includes Android apps and the Google Play Store.

They’ve even perfected device syncing and data integration between mobile devices and Chromebooks. This makes it easier for users to switch or cast apps between each device. However, you may be out of luck if you want to run apps for heavy-intensive tasks like Photoshop or Premiere. 

Windows 10 offers all the basic programs you need on a laptop. This includes Office suite, Netflix, Spotify, Photoshop, and so on. Many Windows 10 laptops can handle gaming, business, and heavy tasks like multimedia editing. 


Windows has always been a target for hackers looking to place viruses, botnets, and malware in your laptop. This is where Windows Defender comes in and protects your device. You also have a secure-boot feature where your laptop checks itself for certificates of authenticity before booting. 

This means that it minimizes all risks of getting loads of infected software. Google controls the Chromebook ecosystem, which means it has tight security and constant updates. Chromebooks checks and applies security updates while placing sandboxing media and web filters.


Chromebooks have plenty of Google based apps where you can work, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can also run Microsoft’s apps, but only the web-only versions that are available through OneDrive. Most apps in Chromebook have to run with an Internet connection, but only Google Drive can work offline. 

Windows 10 is the standard for getting work done. Many businesses would rather use Windows 10 since plenty of business apps are only compatible with Windows. Microsoft also has its own Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 

It’s not hard to use Chrome apps in Windows. You can use Google Drive, OpenOffice, and most third-party software programs for working. 


Chromebooks are smaller in design. They are thinner and lighter, but that doesn’t mean the price is the same. The typical Chromebook weighs only a few pounds less than Windows 10. 

Laptops with Windows 10 have a wide variety of sizes and weights. This means that you have a lot to choose from when it comes to Windows 10 laptops. However, Windows 10 laptops are heavier due to the bigger screens and components. 

Value and Selection

The price is one of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing between Chromebook vs Windows 10. Chromebooks take the lead for cheaper laptops, which can go as low as $100. The most expensive Chromebook is $1,650 Google’s Pixelbook. 

However, Windows 10 also offers the same prices going as low as $120. At the higher end laptops, you can get monster deals for gaming or business laptops for as high as $4000. These laptops can rival high-performing desktops, especially in horsepower. 

There are also incentives from Google and Microsoft for promotional goodies. Google is currently offering plenty of stuff worth a hundred dollars for customers who buy the new Chromebook. You can also get 100GB of Google Drive Storage, free movies on Google Play, and 90 days of Google Play Music. 

Microsoft varies in their promotional goods, but they are consistent with Office 365. You can get a free one-year subscription to Office 365 and get 500GB of storage space on OneDrive. 

Booting Speed 

One of the biggest advantages of using Chromebooks is the start-up. They’re an excellent choice for a stop and go computing since it starts up within a few seconds. Windows 10 takes about 10 to 15 seconds to wake from sleep mode and start-up. 

Hardware Options 

The market for Chromebooks are smaller, but they are growing at a steady pace. About 30 different brands now sell Chromebooks, including Asus, HP, Acer, and many more. The display range of Chromebooks can go from 11 inches to 15 inches. 

Only a few models have touch capabilities. As stated above, Chromebooks have the advantage of being more portable. Some business Chromebooks are also popping up in the market, like Acer Chromebook 14. 

Windows 10 has more variety, with screen sizes ranging from 11 inches to 21 inches. About eight major brands create Windows laptops along with Intel and AMD chips. You can get a lot of storage space from Windows 10 laptops from 2GB going as high up as terabyte levels. 

Windows 10 laptops have plenty of designs with more colors than Chromebooks. They also offer more laptops for gamers, businesses, tablets, and 2-in-1s. 

Which Laptop Is Right For You?

Now you know some major differences between the two operating systems. So, are you going to choose Chromebooks, or Windows 10? It all comes down to personal needs, budget, and preference.  Do you want to learn more besides the differences between Chromebook vs Windows 10? There are also tons of benefits to choosing either one of these laptops. Check out more of our guides to learn more, and make a better, more informed decision when it’s time to buy!