The Price to Pay for Underestimating the Importance of Digital Parenting


Digital Technology has given rise to cyberbullying, cyberstalking, harassment, and sexting among other things, all of which can leave quite a mark on kids. This has added to the burden of parents as they now have the additional responsibility of making sure their kids stay safe from the harmful effects of the internet. Although the availability of products like offer an effective and convenient solution to the problem, they are often ignored as parents fail to realize what is truly at stake. They either underestimate the magnitude of risks internet poses to the younger generation, or have this misconception that their kids are strong enough to handle every problem on their own. At the end, it’s the kid who suffers. Digital parenting is not an option but a necessity as negligence on part of parents can have severe repercussions.

Porn Addiction

One of the biggest and by far the most common threat internet poses to kids is an addiction to porn. Unfortunately, pornography is just a click away, and kids aren’t good at resisting the temptation to access it. It starts off with curiosity. However, what’s initially meant to be a one-time thing soon becomes an addiction. Due to their lack of exposure to the real world and real life relationships, they develop unrealistic expectations based on a distorted and pervasive concept of beauty, love, and relationships. This consequently leads to anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, troubled relationships, and isolation.

Increased Chances of Suicide

Lack of parental supervision may also lead to other serious consequences like suicide. In fact, suicide is one of the leading causes of death among youngsters. This is what several studies have indicated in their findings. Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, harassment and other online threats cause depression among kids, which invokes suicidal thoughts. A large number of websites glorify suicide and portray it as an easy solution to all the problems. These websites also share different methods of committing suicide. Depressed kids easily fall prey to these websites and commit suicide, leaving their parents shocked and confused.

Education and Career at Stake

Internet addiction is yet another major consequence of underestimating the importance of digital parenting. Excess of everything is bad. The same rule also applies to the amount of time kids spend, or rather waste on the internet. Some parents do not keep a check on the amount of time their kids spend online. This affects their studies, resulting in lower grades. If things are allowed to continue like this, kids have a hard time getting into a good college, graduating with a good CGPA, and nailing a good job to live a comfortable life.

Kids may consider themselves tech gurus, but they rarely realize the implications of irresponsible or excessive use technology. Being their parents, it is your responsibility to keep your kids save, which is exactly why digital parenting is so important in this day and age.