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4 Ways To Embed Instagram Feeds On Website

Importance of user-generated content is growing day-by-day and several brands are focusing on using UGC in their marketing campaigns.

Instagram photos and videos are playing a huge role in creating UGC for brands. As half of the population is active on Instagram, it brings a big opportunity for brands to collect, curate, and showcase their UGC content on their website.

But how can you show this Instagram content on your website? Don’t worry, in this article we will talk about 4 different ways by which you can embed Instagram feeds on website in simple and easy ways.

4 Ways To Embed Instagram Photos and Videos

Instagram Official

If you want to embed instagram feeds on your website but don’t have enough budget and don’t want to purchase tools to embed Instagram feeds, then Instagram official website is for you.

If you have come across any Instagram feed that is useful for your brand and business, then you can embed it by clicking on three dots above.

It is super easy to use Instagram to embed Instagram feed on your website. First click on the post, you will see three dots on the upper right corner of the post.

You will see various options to select from, click on the Embed Code Link.

Then you have to paste this link in the place where you want to insert that image.

Paste the embed code and your Instagram post will be there.

It is super easy to do this and no need for technical knowledge. But you may face some issues like you cannot use photos and videos without the permission of the content owner. 

Also it is a time consuming process as you have to manually embed all the posts that you want to insert.

However, it is a simple process if you want a limited number of Instagram images or videos on your website. Instagram’s official website is an easy way to embed instagram feed on your website.

Social Media Aggregator Tools

If you want to embed multiple Instagram feeds on your website, you can use social media aggregator tools. It will effectively utilize user-generated content and  engage the audience with your brand and business.

Big brands who want to develop trust in their customers use user-generated content and display it on their website, event walls, signage, and any other digital platform where they can connect with their customers.

User-generated content is highly important for building trust among your customers. People believe what other customers are saying, not what the brands say about them.

In order to generate such high quality content from multiple sources you have to do it by using social media aggregator tools.

According to me there are two best social media tools that I would like to recommend you, Taggbox Widget and Tagembed.

These tools are used by big brands to collect, curate, and display UGC content on their website.

Also both of these have simple interfaces which mean you don’t require any technical knowledge to use them.

With Taggbox and TagEmbed you can collect user-generated content from different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, and many more.

After you fetch UGC, you have the option to personalize feeds into your favorite themes, designs, color, fonts, etc. according to the style that matches with your website design.

Then you have a copy to embed the link and paste it into the website according to CMS. 

In this you can collect multiple Instagram posts in less time and run it on your website that is helpful in engaging your traffic with what existing customers are saying about your brand and business.

If you want to save your time and don’t want to do the whole process then social media aggregators like Taggbox and TagEmbed are the perfect tool for you.

WordPress Plugins

In case you have a WordPress website, you can also install plugins to embed Instagram photos and videos.

Another best wordpress plugin for UGC content is Taggbox, that you must try to fetch Instagram posts and embed them easily to your website.

Create your account, generate Instagram posts using hashtags, mentions, or accounts as per your convenience.  

You can directly copy the embed link for the widget you have created and paste it into the Taggbox block.

This is the easy way to embed multiple Instagram feeds on your wordpress website.


If you just want to use one or two instagram pictures on your website, and don’t want to even copy embed links from instagram official websites or don;t have enough time and money to purchase social media aggregators then you can also take a screenshot of the instagram posts.

You can crop the images in the size which is appropriate for your website. Make sure to ask the permission of the owner of the post so that they do not claim you for using their images without their permission.


Now you know different ways to embed Instagram feeds on your website. You can use any of these ways to embed instagram feeds to your website.

However, if you have a big brand and large number of UGC over social media then using social media aggregator is the best option for you. It is a great way to create unique content for your brand and business website and it is also helpful in building trust with your customers.

pandemic workplace

The Post-Pandemic Workplace

By now, many of us have become accustomed to the changes in our daily lives enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic. From masks and social distancing to kids attending school on-line to many of us working from home to new ways to shop for everything, the challenges have been widespread and have met with both mixed reactions and results. Some of these changes will stick, some experts believe. So, what could you expect post-pandemic with regards to your employment?

Changes Have Already Happened

If you’re employed in the public sector, say in healthcare or the service industry, you haven’t had many changes to your job now. Just more equipment with masks, face shields, gloves and sanitizers becoming commonplace for you. Private sector employees, on the other hand, have been sprung from their cubicle farms to brave the waters of working from home. Eyal Gutentagmarketing manager, mentions that some have thrived; self-starters and introverts top his list. People with children remote learning from home, extroverts and those who battle procrastination or disruptions are some of those who have struggled. Gutentag also believes that telecommuting is here to stay since two important things have happened on both sides of the employment relationship. First, he says, employees have learned to be productive and valuable as telecommuters. Second, companies have learned how much they can save by not maintaining office space.

Some Changes Will Stay

Other marketing experts have suggested that some of the changes we’ve seen that will stay include the 9 to 5 workday becoming obsolete, business travel changes, offices as conference centers and not places where people work five days a week, the middle management tier could be gone forever, the workplace could become more equitable for women and most meetings could be replaced by Instant Messaging and e-mail.

What changes have you experienced, work-wise? Which of these do you hope will stay?

Promote an Online Store

How to Promote an Online Store

Creating an online store is only a part of the equation. A new online shop is empty. Consumers are usually not yet familiar with your shop or the kind of products you are selling. For this reason, you will need to put some efforts towards promoting the store. To get regular customers, you must come with strategies that will work for your ecommerce store. Here are some of the ways in which you can promote your online store.

Starting A Blog

One of the best ways to promote your online store is to start a blog. Creating quality blog posts is an effective tool to establishing your products in the market, and including the relevant links back to your store. Quality blogs that are updated frequently will get more traffic from search engines. In turn, this helps in promoting your store indirectly through interaction with the consumers.

Email Marketing

Newsletters and email marketing are another effective way of promoting your online store. You can create a database with email lists of your ecommerce website visitors, and send them occasional emails with information about your store. One way of achieving this is sending out newsletters or offers on a weekly basis to your subscribers. This reminds your customers about your online store. It is even easier if your online store is in Offerer platform. The Offerer platform offers many tools for advertising your online store from email marketing to SMS notifications.

Collaborating with Other Bloggers

Another way of promoting your online store is contacting other bloggers and having them publish content about your shop on their blogs. Do a research on the market where your products fit in. Then, reach out to bloggers with the largest following and who write about products related to your industry. Tell them why you love their blogs and explain why you feel your product would be a great fit for a review on their blog. Provide them with samples of your products for free and give away for their audience. This will attract traffic from the readers through their review of the product.

Advertising on social media

Social media advertising offers a great platform to advertise your business and products. Building a network and followers in social media may take a long time, but it will be worthwhile in the long run. Social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or YouTube allow businesses to interact directly with customers. Your online shop can benefit from this interaction by providing product information to customers. It is also a great way of getting feedback from customers, and finding out what works best in your niche.

Providing offers on a regular basis

Providing offers on a regular basis can attract new customers while retaining existing ones. Offers can be in the form of discounts, coupons, sales packages, giveaways and contests. It can also be a great way of driving web traffic to ecommerce website. Customers are more likely to recommend your store to their friends and family during sale period.

Guest blogging on other websites

Guest blogging increases the exposure of your e-commerce to a wider audience. Writing quality blogs is time consuming. The stakes are even higher when writing for another blog. You want to make sure that your posts are getting enough traffic. High-quality posts will increase traffic to your website leading to more sales.

Optimizing product names and descriptions

Product name and descriptions can enhance online presence of your e-commerce store. Be creative, straightforward and come up with unique product names and descriptions, so that customers can find them easily. Use keywords in your descriptions to describe exactly what the customers are looking for.

Using Google Ads

Google Ads are an effective tool in advertising your products to specific audiences. You can place Ads in Google search results or in websites that run Google AdSense. It is highly targeted based on the optimization of the keywords used by the consumers. The search engines try to match your ad with customers interests using systems like Ad Rank. It is a cost-effective method that attracts more sales at a profitable margin

Paid Advertisements

These can be in the form of influencers who you can endorse your product and advertise your products on their social media platforms. Another option could be the use of mainstream media such as television, radio, and magazine adverts. These adverts serve the purpose of informing your customers about your store.

Which way is for you

These are ways to advertise your store. Remember that you are the one that has to choose the right way and fit strategy to your clients and budget. You must understand clients where and why they buy and use the best strategy for your business.


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