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How Do Social Intranet Platforms Power Your Workplace

Ever since technology encouraged globalized business, several companies have been working with employees and clients across the globe. However, this boon comes with challenges, and one of them is a lack of collaboration. Employees find it hard to collaborate with their remote colleagues and improve productivity. Social intranet platforms can help power collaboration and give employees an opportunity to be creative at work.

An intranet is thought to have originated in the mid-90s, but it took around two decades more to become employee-friendly. Earlier, intranets were limited to the top management, and lower-level employees used it only to become aware of the announcements by managers.

Modern intranet platforms work similarly to social networks. They are equipped with engaging features and interesting tools to help employees in their daily tasks. From communication to document sharing and project management, authorized members can use these collaborations software to strengthen bonds between employees and help them in becoming productive.

Here are some things social intranet platforms can do to power Your workplace:

  • One Solution for Communication and Work

Earlier, people switched between multiple platforms to talk to their coworkers and collaborate with them for work. This affected their work routine and left them with minimal time to improve their productivity.

Social intranets provide employees with a platform that they can use to chat, send/receive information, and collaborate with their remote colleagues for projects. They don’t need to switch between applications for their work. This way, they can save their time to use it later for other productive tasks.

  • Boosted Employee Engagement

Companies can use an intranet to develop connections between employees, even when they are sitting miles away from each other. Apart from chatting, authorized members can use online collaboration toolsof an intranet platform to engage with things related to the organization. For example, a company can share news about events or post engaging content to help employees in their work. Apart from that, an organization can share and reward its employees’ accomplishments. Employees work harder and with enthusiasm when they know that their efforts are appreciated.

  • More Opportunities for Employees to Open Up

Sometimes, employees hesitate to share their ideas or thoughts with their seniors. Social intranet platforms give people an opportunity to open up without any fear. Through group discussions and meetings, employees can talk to their coworkers and collaborate with them. They know that their ideas are being considered, and they are not being judged. They feel a sense of confidence and make more efforts to achieve organizational goals.

  • Effective Document Management

Apart from being collaboration solutions, companies can use intranets for document management. They use various tools of the platform to save documents on a common place over the network, which is accessible to all. Employees can use this feature to work on files in real-time. Also, they can collaborate for projects, find the information they require, and save/access documents they need for their work.

  • Positive Company Culture

Intranets become a platform where employees from different departments come together to work as one team. They develop a connection with one another and take steps to strengthen it. It leads to a company with a positive culture where employees make efforts to grow.

Conclusion Social intranet platformsare engaging networks that work similar to social media. Employees talk to each other, share their thoughts, retrieve information, and enjoy what they do. A company needs to find the most modern, effective software solution to reap all the benefits of a social intranet. Build a robust and useful intranet, and power your business!

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Tech Can Help You Beat the Competition: Here’s How

When you are in business, whether you work for someone else or you have started your own company, you are always going to need to stay ahead of the competition wherever possible. In doing this, you can ensure you receive more notice, make more sales, and ultimately make more profits. Even if you think you are doing something unique, it is still a good idea to keep an eye on what else might be out there; new businesses are starting up all the time, and one might be your direct competition. If you don’t know they are there, they could easily speed past you.

Using technology in the right way can enhance your ability to be seen over and above any competitors. As long as you know who that competition is, how they work, and what they do, you can implement various tech strategies to help you beat them. Read on to find out more.

Outsourced IT Services

One of the best ways to get ahead of the competition is to look – and be – more professional than they are. Even if you are selling the same items, a clean, easy to navigate website is always going to be more impressive than a cluttered, difficult-to-navigate one, for example. The same is true for any tech you use; if it always works, isn’t frustrating, and makes life – and purchasing – easier for the customer, you are going to look like a much better prospect than anyone else.

In order to maintain a good level of customer service through your IT, you should outsource the work to a specialist company like Iconic IT. When you do this, you can be sure that everything will be taken care of, and you don’t need to think about it. You will be much less likely to experience downtime, and your customers will have the experience they want and need.

Social Media

Social media for business use is growing all the time, and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and implementing various business strategies to help companies use it more successfully. It is unusual these days to find a business that doesn’t have at least one social media account, and they will often have two or three depending on the nature of the business.

By using social media well in your business, you can easily outshine your competition. You will find more customers as more people will see you (especially if you choose to boost any posts), and you will also be able to engage well with those customers. It is this engagement that is so crucial in getting ahead; answering queries, helping customers, and even just having a fun conversation will all show you to be a good business to buy from.


SEO (search engine optimization) is a specialist area, and again may be something you choose to outsource. Getting your SEO right means you can rise to the top of the search engine rankings, and of course, those links at the top of results (at least on the first page) are more likely to be clicked than any others. SEO can be complicated, as there are a number of different strategies that can be used to create the right balance and be exactly what Google is looking for within its algorithms. If you can do better SEO work than your competitors, you will be ranked higher, and on top of that, your website’s content will be interesting, informative, and useful.


Typography: the psychology behind the age-old tradition

Typography is an age-old tradition, stretching back as far as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. For centuries, people have been expressing themselves with written words, and now many modern brands rely on them for gaining and retaining customers. Typography can become the first association that a consumer thinks of in relation to a brand, and in fashion, it is often printed inside of their garment, which conjures up an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. So, any changes that companies choose to make can alter a customer’s perception, and for this reason the psychology of typography is an important matter. Let’s find out more.

Conveying the personality of your brand

A lot can be captured through the style of your brand’s typography, and it can even be used to convey the personality of your company. Your copy should be captivating, but the visual aspects of any writing also need to stand out to a potential customer. Begin your typography psychology analysis with looking at the style of your font- Is it a classic serif style? These include Baskerville, Georgia and Times New Roman, this category is timeless and professional, finished with traditional decorative lines and they convey an air of respectability. The sans serif choices such as Helvetica, Arial and Verdana are more straight to the point, implying an air of modernity and stability. Artsy handwriting can look elegant and represent creativity, and to create this kind of image you’ll need a script font such as Lebster or Lucinda; but, it’s always important to keep it legible and consider it in relation to the message you want to get across. For example, a sports clothing website with joined up handwriting style typography wouldn’t look quite right, but perhaps fine dining eateries’ first port of call for menu printing wouldn’t be Comic Sans MS. If you want to go all-out 21st century modern, choose Eurostyle, Politica or Futura, and show your audience why you are at the forefront of your industry with progressive typography. Your font will contribute to your overall typography aesthetic, and it should result in a well-rounded, on-brand appearance. Maintaining this is also important, as failure to keep order among your typography can make your customer feel disconnected from your brand, as cluttered, numerous fonts dilute your overall presence.

The formatting of your typography can determine your success

As Spanish fashion retailer Zara recently discovered, the formatting of your typography can make or break your success. The brand gave their classic logo a refresh, dramatically condensing the exaggerated sans letters and introducing a bolder, rounder finish. The makeover received a staunch response on social media, leaving many with a new-found sense of unfamiliarity towards the brand. The particular format was a style pioneered by Harper Bazaar in the 1990s, but one twitter user likened the new look to how they feel when ‘squeezing into their clothes’; showing how the change in typography provoked a customer response.  All achieved by some simple kerning. A similar event caused outcry, as Burberry unveiled a new logo back in 2018, an adaptation which at first glance appeared to ditch historic ties in favour of modern corporate simplicity. The reformat was a four-week project headed up by famed designer Peter Saville, which some people felt was reflected in the hasty, overly-simplistic design. The old format had been untouched for nearly two decades, and its new notions of minimalism brought the brand up to date. Key factors for formatting are spacing and size, as these are essentially going to dictate how ‘readable’ your typography is. Format can be reflective of character, and if there are any particular attributes that you want to associate with your brand, then implementing them into your formatting can be a great idea to help build your unique presence. Also, ensuring that you have enough whitespace is vital, as having too little can make your typography difficult to decipher. The formula for success is simply to strike a balance between these elements, while also staying true to your brand and all it encases.

Colour creates the first impression of the product

When it comes to colour, choosing the right one is key. There is an age-old understanding that customers enjoy red and yellow the most, as they depict both abruptness and warmth simultaneously. In fact, between 62%-90% of first impressions of a product are decided by the colours of the brand, showing just how much they can set the tone. Therefore, colours are an integral part of promoting successful customer journeys. Not only is colour an emotional trigger, it can also be the key for customers to be able to identify your product against others on the market. Some gendered trends have also appeared which could determine your brand’s palette, with men tending to prefer bold colours and women being drawn in by pastel hues. Of course, certain colours have specific associations. Blue is seen as a peaceful colour, and green is a lucky shade — so why not transform the fate of your typography with a splash of either? Black is notoriously corporate and classic, with other connotations including wisdom and masculinity. If you are considering adding a fill to your typography, then choose wisely and always keep in mind that it should not be a challenge for a user to read — there’s a time and a place to go for an all-out rainbow.

So, if you are looking to mix things up a bit, don’t be too hasty. Your typography choices are rooted in many factors, from colour to font style. Find a combination of these which captures your brand name and message in a way which is true to purpose.


Article provided by leading menu printing company, Where The Trade Buys.




The Best Security ID Card Software for Your System

Choosing the right software to fit your security ID card printing system can be a challenge – especially after you’ve already taken the time to pick out the perfect printer and accessories. In both situations, it’s always a good idea to get some help from security solutions experts who can provide everything you need to know about ID card printers and the software required to run them. In the meantime, if you want to get a basic overview of a few different criteria that might help you decide, then you’ve come to the right place!

Mac Versus PC

Before you even think about what you want to achieve with your security ID card printing software, you’ve got to be sure that the software package you purchase will be compatible with the computers you use at your place of work.

While Windows computers are far more common for home users, Mackintosh computers are still preferred by professionals in many industries – so it makes sense that at least some security ID card printers are built for Mac users. If you’re a Mac user, then you probably already own one of the 5 Mac compatible ID card printer systems that are currently widely in use, which include the DTC1250e, the Fargo HDP5000, the Fargo DTC4500e, the EvolisZenius, and the Evolis Primacy ID card printing systems. In that case, you’ll need Mac compatible software to match, such as Secure ASP CardPresso ID card design software.

Security and Design

First and foremost, the security ID card software that you’ll use with your new printer should allow you to design and print the type of security cards that you need for your business. Since the printer takes care of most of the work regarding security features, your main concern should be that the designing tools are easy to use and are able to accommodate the types of cards used by your security ID card printer.

A Range of Software Options

No matter the brand, security ID card software tends to be offered in different editions depending on price range and how many features you’re interested in utilizing. At their most basic, these programs only offer minimal control over design and limited other capabilities. At their most advanced, security ID card software can come equipped with complicated professional-standard graphic design software and other useful features, such as unlimited record keeping, personnel database capabilities, security technology encoding, face-finding photo features, and more!

Advanced Designing Features

An employee with exceptional design skills will be able to put a basic software edition to its full potential in crafting surprisingly nuanced ID cards; however, usually it’s a better idea to match your software capabilities to the level of security ID card printer that you’ve purchased.

If you haven’t purchased a security card ID printer yet, then you might also consider inquiring to your security solutions provider about whether they offer complete security systems, which can help make the entire process easier on the consumer.

Finding the right design and employee management software to suit your security ID card printing system will depend on the needs of your company. If you’re looking for a good software package for starters, go with CardPresso, or better yet, contact your security ID card distributor for further advice!

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The Job Description of a CEO

Chief Executive Officer – CEO – is the most coveted of all job titles, but also the one that is often the least understood. CEOs, contrary to popular belief, don’t just do what they want. They also aren’t magically competent, nor are they all powerful. Rather, according to Infor CEO Charles Phillips, the job of a CEO is about identifying the needs and desires of everybody: staff, customers, communities, investors, the law, and so on. Yes, a CEO can delegate a lot of their work, but some parts can only be done by them.
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