The Three significant Technologies of Radar


Are you looking for the best location-based application that will also offer tracking services for your company? Well, Radar is the best location platform for mobile applications.

This application enables developers and marketers to add location context and tracking to their apps quickly by using a few lines of code. It also plays a crucial role in increasing revenue, engagement and improving the operations of a company.

Radar Technology

The Radar technology is made up of three distinct products; Geofencing, places, and insights.


Geofencing is a virtual boundary concept that triggers an action when a specific device or gadget enters a particular location. It may include notifications, security alerts, and coupons.

It works by using GPS or Wi-Fi to activate a pre-programmed action when a device enters or exits a virtual boundary known as a geofence. Depending on the configuration of the geofence, trigger alerts, enable tracking on vehicle fleets and deliver location-based marketing data.

How Geofencing Works

To use this technology, a developer has to create a virtual boundary within a specific location in GPS or RFID enabled the software. This Geofence will generate a response when an authorized device enters or exits a particular area according to the specifications of the developer.

On that note, Geofences can be indicated as polygons or circles and can represent neighborhoods, stores and any location depending on how you want it to be used.


It is the unique product of Radar, and upon turning it on, the application will offer information on the user’s home and where they work. In addition to that, it will tell you if the user is available at home, traveling or still at work.

It is an intelligent way of observing both movements and behaviors making them smarter and responsive.


This feature enables you to know the exact location of a user, for instance, a category like (school) or a chain of businesses without even setting up the Geofence for that place. Besides, Radar is combined with Facebook Places, the database that runs Facebook and Instagram with the accessibility of over 140M places globally.

The Importance of Radar

  • Retail customers can easily find the nearest store location
  • Offers mapping and directions
  • It compiles essential details of a customer like the purchasing history, sending push notifications and allowing the earning of points by customers  which can later be exchanged as discounts on a store
  • Provides information about nearby restaurants which may also comprise menus, photos, and reviews
  • When combined with delivery applications, it will enable the user to keep track of what the drivers deliver.