Powerful and effective tools for Google marketing – Names of few you should be using

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There’s perhaps noone here who hasn’t heard of the name Google. And in case you’re one of those rarely found species, you should know that Google is the search engine where around 1.18 billion people go to search for stuff. But if you think that Google is just a search engine, you’re wrong as it is more than just a search engine. In fact, you will notice that Google offers a plethora of tools which can be beneficial for an online marketer.

With the fierce competition that we see online, it is tough for an online marketer to secure a position online which only belongs to him. This is why Google has introduced a set of useful marketing tools through which you can spruce up your website’s performance and try your best to rank higher in search engine results. Check out some such tools.

  • Google My Business: Do you wish to get some free advertising and promoting on Google? If answered yes, all that you need to do is to claim your listing on Google My Business and see your business be featured on search results. The best part is that unlike Google AdWords, none of the businesses would need to pay for securing their positions in such local search results. While creating this listing, you will automatically create a Google+ page for your business too.
  • Google AdSense: Do you ever have the experience of creating a niche website for purposes of linking, content development, affiliate marketing or some other reason? Even when the website earns a little bit of traffic and you won’t have any use for the time-being, then why won’t you get a little bit of income using Google AdSense? You can just place a code of an ad in the content, header and sidebar of the site and this way you can easily earn passive income. The money that you will make will depend on the site and its topic and the number of visitors it receives.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics has both a premium and free web analytics tool through which you track the progress of visitor metrics like visitor behavior, conversion, sales, and demographics on your website. If you implement basic tracking code of Google Analytics, this would allow the digital marketers to measure your marketing efforts and SEO through organic traffic tracking. Campaign medium, campaign source, campaign content, campaign term and campaign name are the main 5 parameters of UTM for tracking campaigns.
  • Google AdWords: Are you someone who isn’t getting enough traction with organic search engine traffic? If answered yes, you may opt for paid search campaign like Google AdWords. Through this tool you can bid for the appropriate keywords and gain an amount of qualified traffic where sales and conversion will meet the amount that you pay for your ads. Make sure you use the current targeting options for mobile, location and desktop browsers.

Google has a lot to offer to its online marketers today. From free Google marketing tools to paid advertising solutions, you’ve got a lot of resources at your fingertips to grow your business online.