Reasons Your Business Should Shift From Paper Forms to Mobile Forms


If you are a business owner, whether big time or small, it comes a time where adoption of new technologies is crucial.  Technology has proven to be one of the most convenient, easiest and cheapest ways to do sales and marketing for your business. Mobile devices are the essential tools when it comes to digitally upgrading your business, as they have become a tool that most, if not all business owners, need to have. When it comes to comparing between business mobile forms and paper forms, the latter holds more ground. Below are some of the reasons why you should opt for mobile forms as compared to paper forms.

Less cost

The cost of paper forms and the inefficiencies incurred while using them usually add up more compared to using mobile forms. However, the initial cost of shifting from paper to mobile can be costly but will save up on future expenses.

Improve workforce productivity

Using paper work orders to track mobile workers and how many jobs each employee does in a week can be tiring and time consuming. Mobile work orders create a system, which enables companies to use time and date stamps to show an accurate timing of when a job occurred. In addition, the built-in GPS is able to confirm if a worker was at a job site or customer location they are supposed to be in.

It improves quality control

Paper work orders can be inefficient when it comes to businesses that are charged with conducting quality control, safety and compliance inspections at site works. Mobile inspection apps altogether with the built-in GPS ensure inspections are conducted correctly and in accordance to the company’s rules and regulations.

Mobile forms enhances the collection and storage of data

A business form that uses mobile forms to collect data enables employees to fill in information anywhere and at the same time have that information data stored securely. It also allows the data collected to be easily shared across the organization and to be integrated by the business systems.


Using and filling in business mobile forms is faster than their paper counterparts. Field users have the ability to instantly collect data and submit it with just one push of a button. When using paper forms, sometimes printed forms can run out making it a longer process because a client would have to wait for them to be reprinted. Mobile forms are less bulky thus making it very convenient.

If you are thinking of making a digital change to your business then the time is now. Business mobile forms will not only help you level the field with other companies that are doing the same, but also bring out the best in your business while making things a lot simpler for you and for your employees. As a business owner, you should be able to keep up with the trending technology changes that are happening globally on business related matters. The business world is going mobile and so should you.