Upgrading a Website for the Mobile Generation


Unlike the early 2000’s when internet was most commonly accessed via laptops and desktops, The 2010’s are overrun with tablets, smart phones, and handheld smart devices that are capable of accessing the internet virtually anywhere. This decade has witnessed a massive shift in how web content and interactive programs are consumed, requiring websites to cater to the needs of the latest generation of web users.

Fast Loading, Mobile Friendly Websites
Visitors who are in a hurry need websites that will load quickly and look appealing on their devices. When elements do not load correctly due to device incompatibility, visitors are driven away quickly to a more appealing site. A CAF website is a great way to take an outdated website and breathe new life into it. With a layout that is scroll-friendly, images that are perfectly sized, and text that is easy to read, visitors will stay much longer in an effort to find what they need to know.

Downloadable Applications
With the proliferation of smartphones, it is common knowledge that applications are extremely popular and useful. For frequent visitors, applications are much easier to access and use. In addition, it is a permanent reminder of a company or brand every time the user swipes through his or her applications. This makes it likely that the user will visit more frequently for updates, news, and entertainment. Most websites offer their applications for free, as the traffic value is worth much more than paid application access.

Digitized Paper Marketing
Paper marketing is still effective, but it simply isn’t going to convert as well without technological influence. The best way to combine both worlds is by incorporating website URLs or QR codes into paper marketing. QR codes are easily scanned with a smartphone, allowing an interested lead to quickly visit a landing or offer page through a QR code on the advertisement. A fast loading mobile website will further the viewer’s interest, as long as they are able to navigate easily.

As company and website operators gear their content towards mobile visitors, they will see an increase in traffic, visit duration, and interactions. When people use the internet on the go, they are looking for quick loading times, readily accessible information, and a solid solution to their problems. A website tat satisfies its visitors is a healthy website.