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Make Sure Your Site Stays Safe

While websites are becoming easier and easier to build, they are also becoming bigger and bigger targets for hackers. Here are some tips on how to make sure your site stays safe from SPAM, bots, and hackers.

Watch Out For File Uploads
Many websites now allow users to upload images and other files for different functions. While this is a great feature for your users, it can put your site at risk. Hackers can use these uploads to insert backdoors into your website, allowing them complete access to your code and your database. One thing you can do to make uploads safer is set strict rules for which file types are allowed. As you can tell by reading Sitelock Reviews many web developers find it easier and safer to use a 3rd party service to protect their site and scan for potential backdoors.
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business website

How to Save Money On Setting Up and Running a Business Website

Starting a business of your own always comes with some costs to deal with. Whether you’re considering opening up a high street shop or thinking of launching a business that you’ll run and manage online from the comfort of your own home, you’ll always be facing costs of some sort, whether that be buying or renting a commercial property or store, or setting up a website. For many businesses, having a business website is absolutely essential to ensuring that your company runs well and attracts more customers online. We’ve put together some top tips to help you not only save money when setting up a business website, but also when running it. Keep Reading


The Biggest Areas Of Concern For Your Website

Putting together a website that you intend to use as an online business can be a very large undertaking. There are many key elements of the site that must not be neglected during the design stage. These areas will be essential when it comes to allowing your site to function flawlessly. Failure to adequately test your site before the official launch could result in a disaster that your online business is not able to recover from. Make sure that you hire an experienced web designer who has been doing this type of work for several years. Here are a few of the biggest areas of concern for your website.
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Upgrading a Website for the Mobile Generation

Unlike the early 2000’s when internet was most commonly accessed via laptops and desktops, The 2010’s are overrun with tablets, smart phones, and handheld smart devices that are capable of accessing the internet virtually anywhere. This decade has witnessed a massive shift in how web content and interactive programs are consumed, requiring websites to cater to the needs of the latest generation of web users.
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How Helps To Create Free Websites

One look at and you will know, that it is an aesthetically impressive master builder. There have been many website builders that are available over the internet. People usually approach the website builders without the slightest clue about building a website. Therefore, providing an end product that is impeccable and regal makes customers get back again. This is what, does. Inscribed with many frantic features, the explicit one is the usability of website editors. The building software is so abstract and fast, that you can gradually end up designing a perfect website once you get hold of this incredible website builder.
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