How to Save Money On Setting Up and Running a Business Website

business website

Starting a business of your own always comes with some costs to deal with. Whether you’re considering opening up a high street shop or thinking of launching a business that you’ll run and manage online from the comfort of your own home, you’ll always be facing costs of some sort, whether that be buying or renting a commercial property or store, or setting up a website. For many businesses, having a business website is absolutely essential to ensuring that your company runs well and attracts more customers online. We’ve put together some top tips to help you not only save money when setting up a business website, but also when running it.

Free/Cheap Hosting

Finding the right web hosting provider is essential to the success of your business website. Thanks to cloud hosting, many businesses can get hold of a good quality web hosting provider at a reasonable cost. When looking for a web host, it’s not only important to make sure that you choose one which is within your budget when setting up but will also contribute to keeping costs down in the future. Choosing the right web host means that you should go for a service which offers around the clock customer service, as website downtime can be seriously costly. Along with that, choosing a hosting plan which gives you room to grow and expand your site can keep costs down for updates in the future. Click here for one good option.

Responsive Design

Using a responsive web design for your business website is not only recommended by Google, it will also improve your company’s reputation with its customers by ensuring that all devices are catered for. Along with that, using a responsive web design right from the start also means that your website will be ready to be viewed easily on any device from the get-go, saving you money in the future when it comes to updating your site to be in line with the latest gadgets and technology. With constant advancements in tech, having a responsive design allows you to save money by staying ahead of the game.


Even for those who are not web designers or perhaps have no prior experience in this field, the increasing amount of businesses cropping up online means that there are now services available which allow you to easily create and launch a fully functioning site without any knowledge of coding or HTML. Content management systems such as WordPress are very popular with business owners who are hoping to put a site together on a budget. Using this kind of service is very useful to business owners who are just starting out, as there are free and paid options available, and there’s often the opportunity to upgrade your plan in the future if necessary. For those who are confident using the internet and know a little bit about finding their way around a website, this could be a good option for saving money initially.

Having a business website doesn’t need to blow your budget, with plenty of ways to save money.