How Helps To Create Free Websites


One look at and you will know, that it is an aesthetically impressive master builder. There have been many website builders that are available over the internet. People usually approach the website builders without the slightest clue about building a website. Therefore, providing an end product that is impeccable and regal makes customers get back again. This is what, does. Inscribed with many frantic features, the explicit one is the usability of website editors. The building software is so abstract and fast, that you can gradually end up designing a perfect website once you get hold of this incredible website builder. can be used to build sites for online stores, blogs, portfolio sites, organizational sites and any other individual weaves.

Template Designs: oozes with sophistication when it comes to the templates. Each of the templates of this website maker is not only great looking but is absolutely responsive and optimizable. However, the quality depends on the type of headers, favicons, backgrounds that are used in the customization process. Just by signing up for the account with a single email id, you can get access to the congregation of cliquish templates arranged in categories like “One Page”, “Architecture”, “Business”, et. al. A preview can be obtained by clicking on the preview button and you can eventually decide whether to apply or not to apply the theme. If you have decided to apply the theme, all your web pages will be ornamented with that particular theme, changing the outlook of the website on an elevated tone.

SEO & Free hosting:

The SEO of is privileged as it offers everything under the sun that is required to get discovered in the search engines. Coming from the URLs, 301 redirects, and description texts to the custom page titles, you will have everything done with urbanity and poise. Another incredible thing about this website creator is that it doesn’t charge you separately for the hosting. It provides you sites with free hosting. Ain’t that something unexpected?

One Pagers & Pricing:

Through, you can host podcasts. This free website builder allows you to create unlimited pages. However, to publish them, you need to get yourself a premium plan. The pricing is decisive and reputable that it offers varying discounts depending on the subscription time periods. If you’re going for a 36 month period, the discount is around 40%; making the pricing be $5.95/mo. The pricing and discounts swerve depending on the time period like 24 months, 12 months and 6 months, accordingly.

Interface and Workability:

Though the interface is minimalistic, it is not very self-exegetic. It takes time to get the hang of it. However, as the design is modern and sublime; you will find yourself creating authentic websites after a short period. The depth of navigation is not very deep, that is why it is relatively easy to use. Be it the beginners or the professionals, everyone can find something or the other that can benefit them from this online website builder.


Due to the simple drop and drag tool of, the click interaction and the real point navigation has become easy. The building procedure is ambient and agile without a minute chance of smear. There is no ‘Undo’ button that is built-in for each time you perform a ‘trial and error’ with the themes, which is a liability. On the other hand, if you’re very familiar with the editor, you won’t find it as a major drawback. The purpose of the page elements is revealed along with the purpose in a single glance making it, striking. This website builder has got a blog that gives you articles on how to use the editor, tips on improvisation of SEO and usage of tools. In closing, is not only entirely functional but is also fun because it acts like a technical version of dressing up a Barbie. That easy, elegant and ecstatic.