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Creating a perfect office setup in your own home

home office setup

Whether you are a successful entrepreneur with your own design or consulting business, or an independent contractor completing writing assignments or processing claims, having a personal workspace in your home is very important. A home office separates your work from your home and family, allowing you to focus more completely on your projects and assignments when needed. Having a home office is also a valuable addition to your home, adding value to the property and the option for valuable deductions when tax-time comes around.

Creating a perfect home office for yourself may seem challenging, but identifying what your work requires, what is healthiest for you, and what you like will give you the information you need to put together a wonderful office space that is warm and inviting, and encourages productivity, helping you to succeed.

The foundation of a perfect office: The desk

The central furniture piece of any office is the desk, and the home office is no exception. Choosing a desk for your home office is equal parts style and substance. You will want to choose a desk that offers plenty of space to suit your individual work needs. If you are writing for a living, you may be able to use a smaller desk and conserve office space for other furniture pieces, such as some comfortable chairs or more bookcases. On the other hand, a designer or consultant may need the extra desk space for laying out projects and meeting with clients. If storage at your desk is not an issue, a small conference-style table may work just as well.

Décor options

When it comes to the décor of your office, it can be as individual as you are, provided it does not hinder productivity. On one side, you have the minimalist décor, which consists of only a few pieces of furniture, perhaps desk and chair and some bookcase and lighting. Or you may want a bit more furniture, some chairs or even a sofa for a seating area, to provide seating for clients and visitors. Warm woods and deep primary colors are good choices for a more relaxed office. You can also have fun with color and design in your office through artwork, floor coverings and accessories.

Lighting is of the utmost importance in a home office; so finding ways to decorate while not limiting natural light is always desirable. Shutters are always a great option, allowing you to add style and charm to the room, while also providing window coverage or as much light as possible, depending on your needs. A wide variety of shutters are available, and you can easily shop by shutter style, color and even historical era, so you can find the perfect set of shutters to dress up your office.

Designing your own home office is yet another way to personalize your work experience. Creating an environment that suits your individual needs and taste is a great way to advertise yourself to clients and customers, and the energizing feeling of being in a space you created will help you to be even more productive in your work.