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Home Office Hacks: 9 Clever Tips For A Clean & Organized Workspace


Having a “clean”, organized home office doesn’t have to be expensive or require the services of a professional organizer. Even if you don’t have a fancy office setup, it’s important to have a clean and organized home office. Your workspace is where you spend most of your time — so why not make it as comfortable and efficient as possible?

To help get you started, here are nine clever tips for a clean and organized workspace:

1. Use Command Hooks to Hang Up Items

If your office is limited in space, consider hanging up items on command hooks. These hooks can be used to hang up things like keys, bags, scarves, or even small tools or gadgets. They’re easy to take down and put back up again when needed. A great place to keep them is on the back of cabinet doors, out of sight.

2. Use Binders Instead of Folders for Storing Documents

Many offices use binders instead of folders for storing documents because they’re easier to handle and more durable than regular folders. How often have you picked up a file only to have the contents fall out onto the floor? Having pages secured in a binder keeps that from happening.

3. Create an Organized Desk Area

It’s important to have an organized desk area so that everything is within reach when you need it! This means having a clear surface for working on projects without having everything piled on top of each other in a jumbled mess.

4. Make Use of Containers

Use containers or a desktop organizer to store loose items like paper clips and rubber bands in one place instead of around your desk or on top of drawers where they can get lost or thrown away at the end of the day by mistake.

5. Color Code Folders for Easy Reference

Color-code files and folders so they’re easy to identify when searching for them later down the road (for example, blue files for business expenses).

6.  Give Everything a Place

Make sure there is plenty of storage space for books, binders, files and other items needed for work purposes; this way, everything has its place and won’t take over your workspace!

7. Keep Pens and Pencils Handy

Designate one drawer in your desk for holding pens, pencils and other supplies so they don’t get lost under papers and folders.

8. Sticky Notes are Great

Label drawers and cabinets with sticky notes so you know what goes where at a glance! This is especially helpful if you share an office space with a partner.

9. Tame the Cord Jungle

Keep cords organized with cord organizers. These can be obtained from any office supply store like Staples or online.  You might also consider getting power strips with built-in cord management features if you have multiple devices that need access to an outlet but don’t want all those extra cords cluttering up your workspace.

Bonus Tip

If you really want to up your game, invest in a few home office accessories to give your space the look and feel of a modern home office. These tools can help you boost productivity by working smarter instead of harder.

These home office organization tips can help you create a clutter-free home office that supports your productivity and success! By making some small changes, you can have a productive and organized workspace that brings you joy every day!