Five Reasons for a Growing Business to Use Digital Signage


Many business owners have made the decision to use digital signage to push their company to the next level. Not surprisingly, today’s consumers get a lot of their information from computers, phones, tablets and other technological devices. Savvy business owners know that digital signage has the power to bring their products and services to life! Check out just five of the many benefits that today’s business owners enjoy when they utilize digital signage.

Customized Information Delivered to Viewers

With digital signage, business owners can deliver personalized information to customers. For example, say a shopper uses the interactive digital signage in a clothing store to search for a certain brand of jeans. Within seconds, he receives results that include the available sizes, colors and prices of the jeans. In addition, he receives suggestions of other items that would complement his choice of jeans. Personalizing a customer’s shopping experience can be an effective way to persuade someone to purchase additional items from a business.

Change Advertising and Other Information with Ease

Some businesses change their advertising or other product-related information every day. This is an easy process for owners with digital signage. A business owner with interactive signage software logs into the system to make the necessary changes in the program. For example, a fast food restaurant that is open 24/7 needs to display the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus at various times of the day. With digital signage, a restaurant owner or manager has no problem switching the displayed menu from breakfast to lunch and from lunch to dinner when the time is right. Customers who arrive during the transition time don’t have to wait for the menu boards to be changed.

Advertising and Information Delivered in a Memorable Way

This is one of the biggest benefits of getting digital signage. A business owner can get digital signage with eye-catching colors, images and text that customers are sure to remember. With digital signage, a business owner can highlight various products and services on certain days. For example, the owner of a hair and nail salon installs digital signage in the waiting area of her business. Every Tuesday and Thursday, she offers a discount on a particular service such as highlighting, permanents, children’s haircuts or pedicures. People who are waiting can see what the discount will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the present as well as the upcoming month. This is an easy way for the owner to let her customers and others passing by the shop know about her fabulous deals.

Attracting New Customers

The use of digital signage can contribute to attracting new and younger customers to a business. By using this technology, a business owner is giving customers a modern way to take advantage of the products and/or services the business offers. In fact, some of today’s younger consumers have come to expect digital signage in the types of businesses they frequent. Digital signage is a positive addition to a business that wants to attract customers from a younger demographic as well as maintain a relationship with returning customers.

Save Money on Advertising Materials

Using digital signage allows business owners the opportunity to save money on advertising materials. Some businesses change their advertising and promotional materials every day. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of cardboard, paper and other traditional advertising materials end up in the garbage. Digital signage helps business owners to avoid throwing away expired advertising and promotional materials. When a business owner invests in digital signage, he or she is benefiting the daily operations of the business as well as the environment.

Finally, digital signage is just another way for the owner of a growing business to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers. This technology can help business owners convey information to customers in an easy and engaging manner.