Photo Management Apps Every Designer Needs

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Apps are making our lives a lot easier, regardless of whether you’re hanging out with your friends via Facebook, or trying to come up with a quality business team. One profession that stands out in the crowd of its peers, in terms of app dependency is definitely design and every designer knows what type of apps is the most demanded on the market – photo management apps. We’ve rounded up a list of these apps for your convenience.

Filmic Pro – If you are an apple enthusiast, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a professional alternative to the Apple’s default camera app, which is less than professional. This mobile HD video camera allows you to tweak the exposure and focus individually and make beautiful videos on the go. A wide variety of frame rates, motion FX and audio support are also available here, as well as 50 mbps image quality setting, which can leave you with more than professional photos.

Design Duet – Making the most out of the Photoshop Remote Connections is the name of the game, when it comes to this app. Design Duet gives you a preview version of your Photoshop designs on your iPhone. Simply enable your remote connection in Photoshop and every change you make in the software will automatically be updated by means of this app.

Adobe Photoshop Touch – Photoshop has finally arrived to your iPhone! Although, naturally, all features of the desktop app aren’t available, you can make many adjustments, such as layers, graphical text and filters. Automatic syncing between devices has also been made available and the free membership allows you to store as much as 2GB of data on the Creative Cloud. iPad and Android versions are also available.

Adobe Kuler – Have you ever seen a cool color that would perfectly fit your design project and then failed to come up with it in your color mixer? This is where Adobe Kuler can help you. This app allows you to take a picture of a photo and extract the colors. Never again lose a perfect design idea! Adobe Kuler is built with iPhones, iPads and iPod touches in mind.

FX Photo Studio – This photo editing up is equipped with over 190 filters and can make any amateur photo appear stylish and visually incredible. Text labels, textures and sharing features have been made available. If you are a proud owner of an Apple device, check this one out!

Marksta – One of the leading watermark apps, Marksta, can come in quite handy. It allows you to customize your watermarks and borders, add multiple lines of text and add effects to layers and GPS geo tags. A number of typefaces is also available.

Photo Editor – This free Android app is one of the leading portable editors. Basic functions, such as blur, sharpen and adjusting of brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation are all available here. Additionally, stickers are included, along with the ability to draw and ad text, frames and photo effects. If you decide to set aside a bit of money, you’ll get even more extra effects and frame packs.

Bulkr – Every designer out there knows how important Flickr is. However, browsing through this useful website tends to turn out somewhat tedious from time to time. This is where apps like Bulkr kick in – this app allows you to browse, download, as well as back photos and videos from Flickr.

These Photoshop management apps are more than a welcome addition to any designer’s toolkit. If design is your profession, you are well-aware of how important making your photos appear professional is. Give at least some of these a go – even though you’ll need to set aside a couple of bucks for most of these, rest assured that all the mentioned photo management apps are quite worth it.