Three Signs That It’s Time To Change Your Domain Name


Changing your domain name can be a tremendous hassle. Not only will you have to update your business cards and other stationary, but you’ll also face the challenge of making sure that your existing prospects and customers know exactly where to find you. Nonetheless, there may come a time when choosing a new domain becomes unavoidable. Following are three signs that you need to make this incredibly important, albeit daunting transition.

Your Current Domain Is Far Too Long

If you chose your domain name long before you had a clear understanding of how the web worked, how people are most likely to use it, and the challenges of optimizing for search engines, you may have a massive web address that takes people forever to spell out. Domains like these are difficult to remember and a real pain to key in. They also increase the risk of typos that send potential visitors in the wrong direction. If you regret choosing an incredibly long domain and know that it’s causing you to lose traffic, then connecting with a domain name registration service is definitely a good idea.

Your Domain Is Too Quirky And Impossible To Remember

Some of the best domain names are incredibly unique. This makes them easy to associate with the brands they represent while simultaneously expediting the branding process. You may have chosen a random word or phrase, or a quirky misspelling for your web address only to find out that your own creativity is actually working against you. If people are constantly asking you to spell your domain name out or to remind them of what it actually means, you may want to go with something simpler to avoid the confusion altogether. A good domain will be both easy to key in and easy to call to mind.

You’ve Created A Jumble Of Words That Aren’t Suitable For All Audiences

One of the worst mistakes that companies can make when choosing their domain names is failing to consider the new and unintended words and phrases that will form once everything has been pushed together. Without any spaces, the domain name for your business could mean something entirely different from what you originally intended. When this happens, the results can be downright vulgar. This is hardly the image that you want your company to portray, even if its the result of a simple misunderstanding. When changing your domain name, make sure to choose a combination of words that won’t have a second, surprising meaning after all of the spaces have been omitted.

When you have a domain name that’s actually working against your business, making an effort to change it is definitely worth the trouble. From overly long domains, to those that are difficult to remember, difficult to spell, or downright raunchy, there are many reasons why your company might want to make this transition. Fortunately, you’ll have the benefit of both hindsight and experience when making your next selection.