The fact that Google doesn’t want you to know: the searches that generate the most money

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  • The antitrust trial against Google is bringing to light data that Google has always kept secret.
  • Today the searches that give Google the most money in advertising have been revealed. Apple, insurance and telecommunications, at the top.
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Another of Google’s best kept secrets has come to light. These are the searches in the Google search engine that generate the most money in advertising. These are very limited data revealed in their antitrust trial, but they are pure gold, because it is one of their biggest secrets.

This major antitrust trial is forcing Google to reveal some of its biggest secrets. It has recently become known how much money it pays Apple, Samsung, Mozilla and other companies to use the Google search engine by default. You can see it on this card:

Today top secret information has been revealed, although in a very limited way: the Google searches that generate the most advertising money for the company.

The searches that give Google the most money

When you use the Google search engine, advertising usually appears in the list of results. It doesn’t always happen, it depends on the searches. According to Google, only 20% of cases. If an ad for a store, a service, or a website appears in a search , and you enter it, Google receives money from the advertiser . Google has never revealed which searches are the most lucrative for them, or how much they earn . But they have had to do so in the antitrust trial, although only partially.

Judge Amit Mehta has made public a document in which you can see the searches that generated the most money for Google the week of September 22, 2018. Here is the document, where the figures have been hidden, as well as other data that we do not know:

It’s just one week’s worth of data, but the interesting thing here is that list of the 20 most lucrative searches for Google , because it had never been revealed.

This is the list:


  • iphone 14
  • iphone 14 plus
  • Car insurance
  • car insurance
  • cheap flights
  • car insurance rates
  • direct tv
  • online universities
  • at&t
  • hulu
  • iphone
  • uber
  • spectrum
  • comcast
  • xfinity
  • insurance quotes
  • free credit report
  • cheap car insurance
  • aarp
  • lifelock

The truth is that, although revealing, the results do not surprise anyone. At the top are the iPhone of the time, the iPhone 14 , which came out that September . Google sure made a lot of money from advertising the stores that sold it.

There are also searches for car insurance, whose advertising pays a lot of money to Google, because the insurance is not renewed every day.

There is no shortage of searches for flights, telephone and Internet operators and, surprisingly, online universities. Maybe for the same reason as insurance: you don’t sign up for university every day, so if someone enters your advertising, it pays very well.

And a curiosity: Google pays Apple $18 billion a year for its search engine to be used by default in its apps and on the iPhone, but at the same time Google makes a lot of money from advertising associated with the sale of the iPhone. A closed circle with which the two companies become rich.

The antitrust trial has revealed the searches from which Google makes the most money from advertising , and the data is very interesting. It surely will not be the last secret revealed before the court hearing ends.