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Landing page that converts: everything you need to know to get the most out of it

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Find out how to make a landing page that converts: the techniques and the fundamental aspects for a successful page.

Do you know what a landing page is and how to create one that converts? In this article we will deal with this topic in depth to understand which techniques to use to get the most in terms of results.

What is a landing page

First, let’s see what a landing page means. It is basically a web page to which users arrive and are invited to perform a specific action through a call to action. From leaving your data via contact form to request information or to download in-depth content, or to purchase a product, service or become a member from online game casino en ligne francais. A web page of this type has a very specific purpose and whoever arrives on it is usually because it has expressed a certain specific intention in the research phase.

We can find different types of landing pages:

Sales pages , or those that have as their objective the persuasion of the user by leading him to purchase a product or service , perhaps through special promotions and lightning offers. Here the text is usually longer, detailed and convincing to the point of triggering in the reader a mechanism by which this good or service becomes indispensable.

Squeeze page , the landing that instead act as a magnet to reach a target of users potentially interested in what is offered in the future. No purchase is finalized here, but the goal is to collect data of potential leads like best online casino australia in order to then be able to contact them again in a more structured and complex web strategy context

Webinar landing pages , made with the purpose of encouraging the visitor to register to attend a webinar that may be of interest to them

Thank you pages, useful to show your attention towards the user after he has performed an action on your site, for example by registering for the newsletter. In this type of page, as a gesture of thanks and attention, you could offer a coupon, a discount code, or the possibility to download extra content from your site

404 landing page , in case there are broken links or pages on your site, you may be showing an original, fun and engaging error page, with the aim of reducing your site’s bounce rate.

The characteristics of a landing page that converts

But what sets a successful landing page apart from all the others?

Before starting to write the contents of your landing, you need to take into account some key elements.


The user who reaches the landing page has done a specific and detailed search, so you are sure that he has an interest in your product or service but, not necessarily, he is convinced to buy it.

At least, not yet…

This is where persuasion comes into play. You have to win the reader’s trust and convince him of the importance of owning that product to gain an advantage in daily life, at work or for his specific need.

To launch the winning hit, choose a clear, concise call to action capable of getting him to do what you want, that is to convert. A few, simple words but they hit straight to the point. Without fear or, much less without boasting benefits.

At this point we can analyze what your page structure should be.

To begin with, it eliminates the possibility of navigating within the site, but creates a single page, capable of conveying the user’s attention in such a way that it focuses only on the service or product offered.