What are the important aspects of crypto portfolio management software?

portfolio management software

Investors have many programs at their disposal that allow them to create and control a cryptocurrency portfolio. With their help, you can invest money in promising assets and buy coins that will grow in the future. However, when choosing portfolio management software, it is important to look at a number of points that we are going to discuss here.


Pay attention to the operating systems that are supported by the program, and the ability to install on devices with Android or iPhones, on PCs or laptops.

List of assets

Good software should offer a large selection of coins – from 1000 or more. It is desirable that the list includes coins with high capitalization and altcoins, which in the future can bring income to the investor.


The best trackers like DeCommas offer several layers of protection for clients. This is due to the fact that they are combined with customer accounts in banks and on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Pay attention to programs that are easy to use and allow you to control any changes in the portfolio. For example, the DeCommas software has the option of informing, viewing the data of interest in a few clicks, studying the price online, and much more.

Access to stock exchanges

Pay attention to the possibility of integration with major exchanges where you have an account. This feature allows you to quickly conduct purchase and sale transactions and maintain a portfolio at a high level. The more exchanges supported, the better the opportunity to find the best rate and conduct transactions without creating new accounts.


Before installation of the software, it is important to read reviews and find out people’s opinions about the project. Investors share their experience of using, and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the program. If the developers missed some point, you can immediately find out about it.