How to Develop a Gaming App: Tips and Necessary Skills


Learning how to develop a gaming app is just like learning any other skill, whether it’s cooking, coding, or French. The best way to learn something new is to practice it over and over again until you have mastered the skill, and that’s exactly what you’ll do with gaming app development. Here are some tips and skills necessary for developing games to help you get started on your own gaming app today!

Do you have an idea?

What is a gaming app? A gaming app is an application used by gaming companies and gamers. The apps can be downloaded on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. On smartphones, users access games using touchscreens; on tablets, they’re navigated via a stylus or buttons. How do they work? Game apps are often free to download, but developers earn money through in-app purchases that allow players to buy upgrades and new features. For example, Candy Crush Saga offers players more lives for $0.99 each—and as of 2016 had generated over $1 billion in revenue for its developer King Digital Entertainment PLC. Website and business owner running their business buy online apps like So how does one develop a gaming app?

Gather your team

Now that you have a good idea for a game, it’s time to build your team. The core of your team will consist of game designers, developers, and producers—all of whom should be experienced in their fields. Before officially hiring anyone, you can use contract workers to help test and develop early versions of your game.

Keep your game targeted

There are many types of game apps, but it’s important that you don’t fall in love with an idea that simply isn’t marketable. Pick games with popular demand and target your app towards certain age groups. For example, if you want to develop casual games, kids ages 4-12 are most likely going to enjoy them. Similarly, action games like flappy bird tend to appeal to teenage boys more than tweens. Money game like should be the secured one.

Spread the word

From start to finish, game app development is an intricate process that takes countless hours of work. It’s worth noting, however, that not all game apps are created equal. Some games go viral on their own while others need massive marketing campaigns to spread their reach. Whatever your game app may be, you should also know what skills will be required during each step of its development process.

Test your design before anything else

This may seem obvious, but your app design is one of—if not THE—most important aspects of your app. Although getting your app out on time is an imperative in today’s hyper-competitive business environment, you should never sacrifice quality over quantity. Test your app design before anything else (even before deciding what platform you’ll develop for) by doing mockups with InVision (or another design program), or by creating low-fidelity wireframes with pen and paper.

Iterate, iterate, iterate!

The old adage fail fast applies here. This may seem counterintuitive, but if you want your app to be successful, spend time on it after launch rather than before. The reason is simple; you don’t know what people are going to like about your app until they try it! To stay competitive in today’s saturated app market, you need to get on iterations as quickly as possible.

Optimize your game through analytics

Gaming app developers are tasked with finding ways to optimize their games through analytics. The user’s retention rates and overall game satisfaction can be measured via analytics. Once you know where your problems lie, fix them accordingly. For example, if players aren’t making it past level two, make level two more user-friendly—add instructions, take out confusing graphics, etc.