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Growth hacking, what is it really?

growth hacking

Why is a growth hacker not a marketer? And why isn’t growth hacking a web marketing strategy? Let’s find out together…

Did you say growth hacking? The first time I heard this term was nine years ago at a seminar. I confess that I didn’t really know what it was either. Nor did I know who a growth hacker was or what he did.

You will understand, the term hacker, for someone like me who works in web marketing, always brings to mind the hacker. It is difficult to think that “to hack” also means to cut. At least not right away.

So I confess that as soon as I got home I started to inform myself to understand what this growth hacking really was.

What exactly is growth hacking?

Growth hacking as I told you is a multidisciplinary approach and therefore growth hackers use different marketing strategies from email marketing to persuasive copy, from SEO to viral strategies in order to increase the conversion rate and obtain a rapid growth in the number of users in online casinos.

Some see growth hacking as part of the large and diverse web marketing ecosystem.

Because? Well, if you think about it, in many cases the strategies, techniques and tools used by growth hackers are no different from those of a web marketing strategist.

1. Website analysis

2. Content marketing

3. Social media marketing

4. A / B test

Who is the growth hacker?

Well, the most common definition seems to be this: the growth hacker is one who focuses on growth (of the business) through the use of an empirical methodology.

A sort of “growth pirate”, even if it seems to me that there is very little of a pirate.

Yes, because you don’t have to imagine the growth pirate as the classic American nerdy kid who pits the defenses of multinationals and governments from the computer in his room.

No, none of that.

Think rather of a web and communication professional, a web marketing strategist with a multidisciplinary background and approach. In short, think of an excellent web marketing strategist like online pokies australia have and you will have a growth hacker, if you don’t want to go too far.

The best way to understand what growth hacking is and what a growth hacker can do is to first understand what is meant by the term hacker.

A hacker is someone who is more interested in achieving a goal than in how it is achieved. In other words, hackers care more about what they want to achieve than the methods they use.

And that’s why hackers often use innovative (though not always legal and orthodox) ways of doing things.

A growth hacker is a hacker whose goal is to grow the number of users for a specific company or product or service. Many people view user growth as a mere marketing function, this assumes there is only one way to get users, which is marketing.

On the web I found this definition that I particularly like because it returns a romantic, almost epic image of the growth hacker.

A growth hacker finds a strategy within the parameters of an empirical and repeatable method for growth. A growth marketer lives in the intersection of data, product and marketing.

In fact, over the past few years we have seen new products grow from a zero base to millions of users with little or no marketing strategy behind them.

Ok, summing up a growth hacker is a figure that focuses on growth, is obsessed with growth and achieves it through innovative and even unconventional methods.

The real question is….

Is Growth hacking the profession of the future?

I don’t like getting to the end of this article by telling you that I can’t answer this question or choosing very conventional formulas such as “we’ll see”.

It is not easy to answer.

I have read that in the States, today, the average salary of a growth hacker is around 80,000 dollars a year.

Not bad.

Some time ago an article in the online version of a well-known magazine titled: “Growth Hacking Marketing: how to become the professional most wanted by companies”. A sign that perhaps there is no longer the profession of the future. At the height of the present, don’t you think so too?

But one thing is certain: choosing to employ a competent complete web marketing strategist or a growth hacker can really change the fortunes of a business.

Thinking outside the box and having the courage to take new paths is not only the prerogative of hackers but of all successful entrepreneurs.