Little Ways Technology Can Make Life Easier

digital technology

At present, the world is highly saturated in technology. Our days are so filled with computers, televisions, cars, mobile phones, etc., that we begin to take it all for granted. Of course, this failure to acknowledge the wonders of what tech surrounds us is not helped by discourses in the traditional media which question or lambast the role that digital technology plays in our day-to-day existence.

Think pieces on the dangers of video games, morning show hosts complaining about people spending all their time on social media, political pundits using scare mongering tactics to warn about the excess of sex and violence on television: all of these things conspire to make us wary, if not downright suspicious, of all the technology in our lives.

But technology is amazing stuff that constantly makes everyone’s day easier! Here are some of the little, forgotten ways that tech improves our day-to-day.

Domestic Ease

Starting with the introduction of automatic washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuums that could be moved with ease, the home has become an infinitely more comfortable place thanks to the advent of technology.

When someone is lambasting the loss of socialization that is happening as a result of technology, it might be good to remind them that our homes would still be inhospitable places for most of the year were it not for central heating and air conditioning. These days, smart thermostats – like the Sensi thermostat – make the environment of our home a matter that is completely under our control with the simple tap of a button.

Personal and Public Health

One of the other critical ways that technology is constantly making our lives better in the background is through its support of our physical health. From the scientifically designed compounds that go into our toothpaste to prevent harmful diseases from developing to the data analyzing technology that takes our routine blood test results and makes sense of them to keep us safe from diseases within our bodies, our continued health relies entirely on technology!

This can be seen in a very obvious way in smartwatches: many of us are now newly able to track our physical health with a device that sits comfortably on our wrist and also tells the time.

Clean, Reliable Transport

There was a time – and it wasn’t so very long ago – that in order to go anywhere at a distance, you had to rely on a horse. Not only did that entail keeping said horse alive, but also dealing with all of its excrement and injury. Now we have all sorts of incredible options for getting places: trains, planes, automobiles, but also trams, electric scooters and bicycles, busses, etc.

Rather than having to spend months wandering from village to village, we can now scoot about easily between places with very little hassle, thanks to the technology that has developed transport options that are reliable, clean, and efficient. Truly, this has to be the best thing technology has done for humans!