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Effective use of expert witness in prior art research

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A prior art is an evidence found proving that your novel invention or production isn’t a novel one, rather is known to others from a long time. It need not be a commercial or physical thing. It can be an intangible form that has been described by someone, somewhere and at some time before and this very much makes it a prior art.

Many inventors do the mistake of not gaining a proper knowledge about prior art and thus failing to conduct a thorough research for its existence. Just because the inventor couldn’t find it in a tangible form doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Any pre-existing evidence is a prior art.

This level of research for prior art is likely to be done successfully by only a professional. Thus, if you want to carry out a prior art research for your novel invention then you got to rope in a professional. The skilled one will do a thorough research of the present and past inventions as well as products.

A professional prior art expert witness will ensure you get through the entire product patent litigation. They have a thorough knowledge so they will be really helpful to detect whether your invention is a novel one or not. While you are about to start up with your invention work, you must know that there are three stages where you actually need to carry out the prior art research process.

  • Before starting your research
  • During the research
  • Before implementing a new product or process

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