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How You Can Have Fantastic WordPress Hosting Without Breaking the Bank

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WordPress is an open source tool which makes creating websites an absolute breeze. WordPress is so simple that even those with no prior knowledge of website design or coding will be able to make use of the blogging and content management opportunities that WordPress offers. WordPress is now used by a variety of individuals and businesses who want a simple way to produce and publish content for the web.

A number of the internet’s most prominent and recognizable blogs, such as Mashable and Tech Crunch, use WordPress as their underlying platform. There are also a number of news outlets, which includes The New York Times’ blogs, as well as the blogs for CNN’s on-air personalities, As a matter of fact WordPress is the most used and popular CMS (content management system) for websites.

There are a great many advantages to using WordPress, mostly that it is incredibly powerful, especially when you consider how simple it is to use. Google has also been historically very kind to WordPress sites and the tools available to boost WordPress speed and performence make it really easy to have a WordPress site become more prominent on Google using SEO.

WordPress allows individuals and businesses to save a considerable amount of money when having a website developed. This is because it allows for a less qualified (and less expensive) individual to undertake the same task. However, when it comes to hosting your WordPress site, the costs are the same as always. Fortunately, it is possible to secure some quality hosting for your WordPress site without having to blow your entire website budget.

What Are the Minimum Requirements for Hosting a WordPress Site?

One of the many advantages of WordPress is that it is a lightweight software package which is widely compatible with the most common web servers. In fact, the minimum requirements for WordPress are very generous – the web server needs to be running PHP Version 5.2.4 or Greater, MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater, and have the Apache: mod_rewrite module. Most developers would advise choosing a server with PHP 7 or greater installed. WordPress’s versatility, and the ease with which it can be used with such a wide variety of servers, have helped to secure its position as the world’s leading software for creating websites.

The widespread compatibility of WordPress also means that you can find suitable WordPress hosting without having to overspend.

Be Prepared to Spend More

It might sound paradoxical, but in fact the cheapest WordPress hosting isn’t the plan that’s going to cost you the lowest amount per month, instead it is the plan that is going to be the most reliable. The cost of a hosting plan can range from as low as $5 a month, with an unlimited number of domains, to as much as $30 a month per domain. One of these plans is a lot cheaper than the other, but is likely to cause all sorts of problems.

For example, a cheap hosting package is likely to have poor security and therefore be vulnerable to intrusion and manipulation from outside actors. If you are dependent upon your website for an income, then these kinds of events can have very serious repercussions. Having a reliable host is far more important than saving a measly $25, especially when you consider the potential lost revenue if your website is down for an extended period of time. You might want to use a CDN to reduce downtime, improve security and prevent DDOS attacks.

Look Out for These Services

Rather than just searching for the cheapest option available and going straight for it, you should have a look around and try to identify which hosts have the following features. First of all, always plan for a spike in traffic; there is nothing worse than receiving an increase in traffic only for the opportunity to be wasted because your server is incapable of handling the extra demand.

You should also opt for a host who offers regular, automatic backups of your website. Should anything fail, or you find yourself the victim of a hack, then you will want to be able to put your website back the way it was when it was working.

An important factor in how highly a website ranks in search engine results, as well as a crucial measure of how much moneymaking potential your website has in general, is the speed with which it loads. A website which loads slowly will place lower in results lists and will also be considerably less enjoyable for the user to browse.

WordPress is a really fantastic free open source platform for those who are undertaking their first website. WordPress makes it easy to develop and deploy your website. The minimal minimum requirements mean that WordPress is widely compatible with a variety of web hosts.