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How To Create The Perfect Website That Brings Results

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Having a good website is essential for any business. It can transmit your ethos and message, draw attention to your products, and drive interaction and customer engagement. However, now that we live in an age where information is shared and distributed on the internet more than in any other way, it is crucial that your mark on the internet reflects what your business actually wants to do. But what do you actually need to keep in mind when setting up a website? It is simpler than you might think. Keep a few rules at the back of your mind, and you should find it hard to go wrong.

Keep It Simple

Don’t make it harder for potential customers and collaborators than it needs to be. On the whole, people don’t spend much time on a website’s homepage. On average, people decide whether to stay or leave a page within ten seconds. You need to present your information so that it can be understood at a glance. Walls of text are a big no, as is including countless animations or multiple fonts. Instead, responsive images and short, engagingcopy is what you are aiming for. The simpler you can make the design, the better.

If you are going to embed videos on your website, keep it central and make sure that it only lasts a few seconds. Once visitors have been enticed away from the homepage and deeper into your website, then they can be fed more substantial chunks of information.

Hire Some Professionals

While there are many web design template services and DIY site-building tools, you are going to have to hire some professionals if you want a completely bespoke website that is mobile compatible, fully networked, simple, and beautiful. Professional experienced web designers like magecloud.agency will take your needs into account before designing a website that is likely to be far more future proof than something you can knock together in your spare time.

Link Your Socials

Your website should be a hub that connects all of your different social media platforms together. Make sure that you display links to your socials prominently so that customers can happily flick between sites while staying within your sphere. Using your website as a hub also makes it far more likely that you can control your public image across different platforms. You’ll get better data about how effective your socials are for promoting trade, too.

Build For Mobile Compatibility

In 2018, over half of all website visits were made from mobile devices. This means that it is essential that you don’t only design your website with desktop viewing in mind. Mobile users are all too often confronted with stretched images, poorly formatted text, and flash applications that cannot be played. Make sure to either create a dedicated mobile site that users are redirected toward or optimize your site for cross-compatibility. You could be rewarded for doing so by the search engines by boosting you up the ranks.