A Management Team Made up of CEOs


For people in the workforce, there is a clear difference between executives and employees. Some of these differences, like pay and responsibility, are very obvious. However, other differences are actually barriers, and they should be broken through for the benefit of the entire organization.

A good CEO got to where they are because they had a vision and they set themselves some goals to make that vision a reality. They create a measurable action plan to achieve each of those goals. In fact, CEOs have three main skills: vision, goals, and motivation. If you have those three, truly have them, then you, too, can be successful because you will already be ahead of the game.

Building a Team of CEOs

The world of CEOs seems to be changing. While it is accepted that the three skills continue to be vital, CEOs now try to inspire everyone around them to embody those same skills. Take, for instance, Infor CEO Charles Phillips who has made it his affair to connect directly with his staff. One way in which he achieves that, for instance, is by having everyone sitting around the same rectangular table, fostering communication and team work. But he also specifically looks for people to add to his team who embody the three main skills, and who, like them, apply these to all parts of their life. This includes:

  • Business, which means they have a vision for where the company is going, and goals to make sure that this vision is achieved. Furthermore, they are motivated to actually work towards it.
  • Home life, with employees having a vision for their family’s future, having goals that will give their family the life they deserve, and being motivated to invest time and effort in the family.
  • Health, because people need to know what they expect of their body and what they want it to be like, setting goals to achieve that. Again, they must be motivated to actually reach those health goals, which they are because they can see the value of being healthy.

Those are just three parts of life, and there are many others. Generally, however, CEOs look for people who embody the three skills in those three areas. This is because they understand the overall value this has for their company.

There isn’t a CEO on this planet who wouldn’t like to surround themselves with vision, goals, and motivation. In fact, they often discuss these three skills during team meetings. In so doing, they encourage people to share and align their vision, to work together to come up with new goals, and to motivate each other to reach them. In so doing, the team becomes both driven and successful.

The starting point is a vision. Once a CEO has that vision, their first goal should be to find the people that are able to make that vision a reality. That should also give you all the motivation you need to actually take your company to the top.