How to Unlock Your Mobile Phone

phone unlock

According to surveys, more and more people in the UK are choosing to have their smartphone handsets unlocked. And, it’s not easy to see why an increasing number of mobile users are choosing to release their handsets from the clutches of just one network, with the wide range of benefits that having your handset unlocked can bring. Unlocking your handset not only gives you the freedom to choose when it comes to the mobile phone network that you want, it also gives you a bigger opportunity to save money by taking advantage of a range of great value SIM only deals, and helps you to get the most out of your handset by making it easier to sell or pass on to someone else.

Unlocking Your Handset

If your smartphone handset is locked, this means that it will only work with the particular network that it was on when you bought it. Using the handset with a SIM card from a different network will usually bring a message up on your screen telling you that you cannot make calls, send texts or access the internet from the handset. You can easily find out whether or not your handset is unlocked by inserting a SIM card from another carrier into the phone. In order to unlock your handset if you find that it is locked, you should contact your carrier or a third-party unlocking service such as Unlocking Smart.

Unlocking and Your Warranty

Whether you take your phone to a third party provider or ask your carrier to unlock it, both of these ways are perfectly legal and there is no right or wrong choice. However, when you are choosing how to unlock your handset, it’s important to check your warranty or insurance to ensure that in doing so, you do not invalidate either of these. Usually, having your carrier unlock your phone will not affect your warranty or insurance in any way. However, you can still have your phone unlocked by a third party without affecting your warranty, but it’s important to double check before you go ahead.

Why Unlock Your Phone?

There are many different reasons why people choose to have their smartphone handsets unlocked. For many, the main reason for having their phone unlocked is that you are no longer limited to contracts and tariffs set out by one particular network. For many, the abundance of cheaper SIM only deals on the market today is one of the main deciding factors when it comes to getting their phone handset unlocked, as it means that they don’t have to spend unnecessary money on upgrading their phone handset and contract to get a better deal. Unlocking your handset can also make it much easier to sell once you do decide to upgrade it, as the fact that it can be used with any network will attract more potential buyers.

Unlocking your handset also unlocks a whole range of potential benefits when it comes to saving money and getting the most from your phone.