The Main SEO Benefits of Having a Mobile Responsive Site


Many web developers and business owners now rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to go about their business. Without it, they are sitting ducks in an industry which is sure to be competitive regardless of the audience they serve.

An excellent search engine presence is ultimately the difference in being an online success or failure. One of the key aspects of a good SEO campaign is having a website that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate, and here are the main benefits having one provides.

Google Loves Responsive Designs

It’s clear Google is a big fan of mobile responsive websites because it means their users are benefiting from a user-friendly experience. Google’s number one priority is to provide search results based on specific criteria, but their job is also to provide results that are worth clicking on.

If they produce results that only come up with poorly developed, non-responsive sites, they are going to have fewer users taking advantage of their search engine. Google will better your search engine results because you are technically doing them a favor by giving their visitors a user-friendly experience when browsing your site.

Social Media Users Benefit from a Mobile Responsive Experience

Responsive coding was developed to ensure users get the best experience from the website they’re viewing, regardless of the device they’re viewing the site on. Not all websites are mobile friendly as of now, but all of them look to be heading that way.

Responsive coding enhances the visitors’ experience and makes navigation easy for them on all devices. This helps better the website owner’s search engine presence and it could also benefit them in other ways when it comes to social media and the like. Most people use social media on their handheld devices, so you’ll benefit from a better social media presence when catering to their needs.

A Lower Bounce Rate Helps Search Engines Better Determine Your Ranking

A high bounce rate means your site isn’t working to the best of its ability. Users are obviously coming to the homepage of the site, but they are not navigating the content, and that’s usually for a good reason. If your site doesn’t have a low bounce rate, Google is just going to think your content isn’t worth viewing, or will at least think it’s not easily accessible.

Web Development Agencies such as Parxavenue Ltd. will always recommend the mobile responsive design option to their clients just because of the SEO benefits that come with it. It’s not an expensive service to consider when you look at the real benefits it provides.

One URL to Promote Which Will Increase Targeted Organic Traffic

Some web developers still choose to develop a mobile version of their site as well as the main desktop site. This is an excellent way to promote user experience further, but it also means more effort is wasted on search engine promotion.

If you have a responsive site that can determine what device and browser a specific visitor is using, then you’ll be able to have just one site that can cater for all visitors on any device. The problem with two different sites is that you’ll need to promote them both in the search engines, which requires double the amount of work.

Much more comes into play when it comes to trying to entice the likes of Google to produce better results in the search engines for your business, but it’s becoming evidently clear that mobile responsive sites are almost mandatory and are much preferred to traditional websites.