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Resellers Can Meet The Demands Of The Encrypted BlackBerry Market

As hacking and cybercrime pop up in the headlines more and more often, people are beginning to realize that their personal and professional digital habits are leaving them exposed. Not only are they vulnerable to crimes like identify theft and fraud, even their personal or business communications are exposed to the prying eyes of criminals, police agencies, and state-sponsored hackers. The state of cybersecurity today has people from all walks of life concerned for the integrity of their personal emails, financial data, intellectual property, and anything communicated online or by mobile.
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mobile marketing

3 Ways Beacons & Mobile Marketing Can Enhance Your Retail Business

As a retailer, maximizing on conversion opportunities is crucial. However, with the digital revolution changing the way people are shopping, marketing your brand and increasing conversion can get tricky. Mobility and flexibility are more important to customers than ever. What can you do to your marketing strategy to take advantage of this? Beacons and mobile marketing are your answer.
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phone unlock

How to Unlock Your Mobile Phone

According to surveys, more and more people in the UK are choosing to have their smartphone handsets unlocked. And, it’s not easy to see why an increasing number of mobile users are choosing to release their handsets from the clutches of just one network, with the wide range of benefits that having your handset unlocked can bring. Unlocking your handset not only gives you the freedom to choose when it comes to the mobile phone network that you want, it also gives you a bigger opportunity to save money by taking advantage of a range of great value SIM only deals, and helps you to get the most out of your handset by making it easier to sell or pass on to someone else.
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mobile games

Why Online Casinos Move From Desktop To Mobile

Online casinos are no longer what they used to be. Some years ago we saw huge limitation available. Everything was practically because technology was not at the level it is now. Nowadays, things changed completely. The experience that gamers have in online casinos is much better. The latest evolution is all about the mobile experience. This is something that many do not actually know much about.
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Keep in Touch With Long Distance Grandkids Courtesy of These Helpful Hints

Loving grandparents should be a cherished part of every child’s life, even if they are located a great distance away. While in the past it may have been difficult to stay in touch with far-flung family, these days there are a variety of convenient methods for keeping in contact with loved ones all over the world. The following helpful hints can serve to inspire grandparents seeking new and exciting ways of connecting with their grandkids no matter where they’re located.
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2015 Best Mobile Phones: What To Buy?

If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone we bring you our guide to the best phones of 2015 as ranges. There are amazing mobile and with good price they want to be your next computer.

Are you lost thinking about which mobile phone to buy? It’s happened to all ever. But careful!, do not be carried away with what the seller tells you recommended note first popular mobile classics because it is not always best. From here Tecnonauta we tasted and talked about many models, so we will recommend you the best in this 2015.

We made list by separating the budget models, ranging from budget to premium. However, do not think “premium” have to mean spending a bundle, and that’s one of the things that are going to demonstrate.

Let’s talk in different price ranges as well that we organize as follows:

Cheapest – Low range: Mobile up to 200 euros, where you can see excellent models like the Moto G and cheaper.

Average Price – Mid-range: Mobile between 200 and 400 euros / dollars are in this section. An area where the Chinese phones are stomping.

The most expensive – High Range: The territory of the best phones of the year, these flagship that we love as Glalaxy S6 Edge, among others.

Below in our photo gallery you can see why we chose each model, along with links to the videos we did commenting more in depth.

Remember not miss our special sections for Chinese Mobile, section 2015 Best Mobile and rumors of upcoming mobile. Enjoy it! And if you know a recommended phone we have not set (and you can not test all) we would love to read about it in the comments.