Proof That Without SEO You Will Lose to Your Competitors


Marketing specialists and business owners know the importance of SEO. Sadly, there are still those who refuse to adapt to the era of digital marketing. Sure, mom and pop stores can still get customers. Restaurants can still count on their regular patrons. But did it ever occur to you that by using SEO, your business can become so much bigger, reach more customers and even beat the competition? Yes it can. Conversely, without SEO, you risk losing what you have worked so hard to build.

This explains why SEO in Montreal is such a big deal for businesses, of all sizes. Marketers and business owners spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars on search engine optimization every month to drive more organic traffic to their website.

Still not convinced? Here are several proofs that may just change your mind:

  1. Organic search accounts for sixty-four percent of website visits. While other surveys and studies seem to indicate that social media has outdone search in terms of referrals, a study by Conductor which analyzed more than 300 million visits to 30 sites showed that organic search still make up 64% of referral traffic.
  1. According to a BrightEdge report, an estimated 83% of search engine traffic comes from SEO, while the remaining 17% is from paid search (Adwords).
  1. Google rakes in over $100 million every single month, a testament to how businesses value search advertising.
  1. SEO leads have a close rate of 15%, which is so much higher than the close rate of traditional marketing methods like direct mail and print ads (less than 2%).
  1. Inbound marketing is better than paid media and pay per click. It’s cheaper too!
  1. A business that ranks well in local searches gets increased traffic and more sales. According to the Almighty Google, nearly half of consumers who did a local search on their smartphone or mobile device visited a store the very same day they performed the search. Roughly 18% of local searches resulted in a sale in one day.
  1. 66% of marketers consider SEO one of their most effective strategies for digital marketing. A few consider it possibly effective while only 7% said it didn’t have any impact at all.
  1. SEO makes your brand more credible in the eyes of your target market. When you rank highly in searches, it gives the impression that you’re a key player in your particular industry.
  1. Many people do not go past the 2nd page in the search results. That means if your website is not on page 1, then for your audience, it doesn’t exist.

Search engine optimization gives businesses like yours an opportunity to compete with bigger companies even if you don’t have millions in your marketing budget. If your goal is to get more quality leads using cost-effective marketing solutions, then SEO is the way to go. We hope that these insights will convince you to take SEO seriously. The fate of your business could very well depend on it.