Walmart Vs Amazon for Sellers! A 2021 Comparison

walmart vs amazon

Due to pandemics, Ecommerce marts and stores gained a huge audience in 2021. People have shifted towards online marts instead of in-stores and marts. It was a very massive U-turn from the buyers toward eCommerce.

Small online businesses and huge online marts like Walmart and Amazon have been promoted in this duration. The audience has diverted all their attention towards them either for huge essential products or handy products.

While from a seller’s perspective, there are certain similarities in both marketplaces, like doing PPC or the use of Amazon negative keywords, etc, yet a preference should be made. Observing from the reviews and the history both Walmart and Amazon have a huge comparison. They are both competitive e-commerce stores with a great audience. Due to the recent situation, many people have decided to stay loyal to an online store instead of going to the in-stores.

It is good news for small businesses to grow digitally. The online game has become stronger. Online marts have also improved their quality. And there we go, still, two e-commerce platforms are getting more and more competitive and popular among the audience and buyers. We also have some marketing plans and strategies for your small businesses and sellers. Olifant Digital is performing its best as a marketing agency and delivering results, make sure to visit our website.

While talking about the buyers shifting, sellers have also shifted within this period to a betterment. Walmart has gained 40% of Amazon’s sellers. Will you be the next seller to shift? In this article, you will be informed about the seller comparison of Walmart and Amazon. The comparison about the selling fees, monthly subscription charges, and the business requirements.

Comparison for Selling on Amazon and Walmart

Selling Fees


Amazon has multiple packages for the sellers and from those one of the most popular is that Amazon charges a referral fee on the sale of each item. That is 15 % of the gain to the seller. That 15% is the charge for packaging. Shipping and the facility provided by Amazon.

Amazon has left the sellers to select an option among fulfilling orders or hire Amazon to do the fulfillment. 

Here is a note to the sellers who chose to fulfill their orders themselves (FBM) that the overall cost for your selection doesn’t include shipping. In FBM, you also have to pay the shipping charges. In this situation, you are only responsible for the Amazon referral fee and the variation closing fee. 

Calculated based on the product’s dimension and weight. You are also responsible to pay the amazon fulfillment fees, as you have hired amazon to fulfill your order.


On top of all the charges, Walmart does not require a monthly subscription fee. They only have simple referral fee packages to offer to the seller. While fulfilling the order yourself you will be charged with referral fee-only, but in the case of hiring Walmart to fulfill your order, you have to pay the charges just for their service.

Sellers have prioritized Walmart’s order fulfillment service as it is a cost-effective and competitive solution. Their fees are based on the dimension and weight of the sold product.

Hence, in this case of selling fees, Walmart has approved to be the winner as it is not charging any other fees except referral charges.

Monthly Subscription Charges

Just right at the time of registering your brand, the offers say multiple packages. Those packages are for monthly subscriptions with different price ranges and unblock features for sellers.


Amazon has been providing two packages of a monthly subscription. The subscriptions are for either the professional seller with the professional unblocked feature. The second subscription package is for small business start-ups with less experience. This package has features to handle and promote your business to the leading one.

In these packages, amazon also offers PPC marketing. This marketing is chain marketing through sponsored display ads.

Sellers has prioritized Amazon’s professional seller package among both the professional and individual packages as it has the most features. The professional package is just $39.99/ month.


On the other hand, Walmart is free to subscribe to. Not even any hidden charges. Walmart is just looking forward towards referral fees which are only the 15% charge of the sold product. Or the addition of a fulfillment fee if you are availing of the Walmart fulfillment service.

Again, it is proved that Walmart is sellers’ choice as it is saving them more and more.

Seller Competition


Registration on Amazon is easier than registration on Walmart. While registering on Amazon it takes a few days to get there and start selling your product after some query stages. Your product will be listed soon after your registration.

Amazon allows just anyone to sell without any restrictions. Due to the less restriction and easy registration process, about 5000+ sellers have not registered on Walmart and shifted to Amazon before even registration.


At the time of registration at Walmart, it requires some query session then Walmart identifies your identity and nationality which takes time. To be registered in Walmart, you should have a registered brand within your state. And some US business tax ID.

Walmart’s calm atmosphere made customers shop again and again as it is providing the best quality, disciplined, and verified products without any fraud. Walmart has fewer sellers than Amazon but they all have passed Walmart’s restriction test which approves these brands as the verified and qualified sellers.

Hence again with restriction and qualification, Walmart has taken over Amazon in this comparison too.

Talking about the subscription charges, it’s just a one-time investment. As for the selling fees, it is what you are paying to be a part of either Amazon or Walmart. Choose your platform now and start selling your product and start earning without any contempt.

Offering the best packaging for selling all your products just on a single platform, it is true that they are gaining you, loyal customers. Today is the time to grow digitally. Once you have a business tax ID then there is no need to wait and waste time just register yourself on Walmart and start selling.