Baju Kurung Modern Inspiration for Women


The trend of Hari Raya clothes is constantly changing and diverse, especially for women. From baju kurung modern to kaftans to dress, there are many recommendations for comfortable and suitable Muslim clothes to wear during Hari Raya. In addition to clothing, the trend of hijab is now more diverse, ranging from pashmina, square scarf, shawl, and turban could be one of the options for the Muslim women who wear hijab but also wish to look fashionable.

There are so many choices of baju raya for women making it difficult for them to choose what they want to wear, be it baju kurung modern or any other options during hariraya. Before deciding to buy it, check out the fashion style inspiration for you to choose the perfect baju kurung modern.

Wear a baju kurung modern with Neutral color Shades

For those who like calm and not too flashy, wearing a baju kurung modern with neutral or Earth Tone can be an option. The choices of neutral or pastel colors will make you look simple, yet more elegant. The feminine side of you will also be more visible with the choice of neutral colors. The baju kurung modern with neutral color shades could also be worn and styled during other occasions.

Choose a Hijab that Matches the Appearance

After deciding to choose what baju kurung modern that you would like to don on Hari Raya, do not go wrong when choosing a hijab. Hijab is an important point to pay attention to, so choosing the wrong hijab will be as important to make sure you appear confident on a special day. For example, if the baju kurung modern you are going to wear has a pattern, do not choose a hijab with a pattern. Choose a hijab with a color composition that matches the motif of your baju kurung modern.

Kaftan Modern and other options!

Besides baju kurung modern, wearing a dress and shariah-compliant hijab is now a new preference for Muslim women. The trend of women’s Muslim dress can be an option to wear during Hari Raya. The dress that looks pretty much similar to modern jubah is often worn by young people. So, there is nothing wrong if you decide to wear a baju kurung modern or any dress during Lebaran.

Kaftan is one of the Hari Raya fashion trends that boomed some time ago. Now the Kaftan trend is back to enliven Hari Raya fashion this year. Today’s Kaftan trend comes in a more modern style. The modern kaftan has a more elegant, minimalist, and simple design.

Long Outer Makes It Look Edgier

In addition to the dress and kaftans, the option of wearing a long outer will also make your appearance edgier during Hari Raya. Various variants of long outer can be matched with the fashion style during Hari Raya. To make it easier to choose which outer is suitable for you to wear, Online stores have a wide selection of baju kurung modern, kaftan to long outer for you to choose.