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Sofia Jordan

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4 Common Ways Your Business Could Be Targeted by Hackers

Cybersecurity is an area that business owners should be constantly aware of. Unfortunately, hackers are common, and they are ruthless with their attacks, which come in a variety of forms. Businesses in particular tend to be targeted, so don’t assume that your company is safe.

Why Do They Target Businesses?

One of the main reasons why cyber-hackers attack businesses is that there is a lot of financial gain for them – businesses tend to have more money than individuals. By getting hold of just one employee’s credentials, they could have access to a company’s finances, which would be detrimental to a business.

To protect yourself and your company, you must first know the common ways hackers attack businesses.

1. Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are sneaky ways hackers attempt to get victims to click on harmful links to steal their credentials and other sensitive information. Unfortunately, these emails can appear very convincing, which is why they often work. If you run a business, it’s crucial to make sure your employees know what to look out for when it comes to phishing emails and to not click on anything if they’re not one hundred percent sure of who the sender is. Many phishing scammers pretend to be a person of authority in a business, so encourage your employees to question each email from a new address, no matter who they claim to be.

2. Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are one of the easiest ways hackers gain access to your credentials. Imagine a weak password is like an old locked door – it won’t open straight away, but a decent push will have it swinging wide open. Every time you choose a new password, make sure it’s strong (usually there’s text above telling you how weak or strong it is). Hackers use graphic cards to try out a range of different passwords, but if yours is a random combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and letters, then there’s little chance that they will crack yours. Remember to avoid repeating your passwords too!

3. Malware

Unfortunately, malware hacking is on the rise. Hackers use malware to steal sensitive data to either use or sell on, which can include financial information. To avoid this, you must implement the best cybersecurity measures you can and make sure you or your employees don’t click on any unknown links. If you’re looking to increase your company’s security, click here for information about CASB, which will help you gain control over your app-based systems.

4. Cyber Blackmail

Also known as ‘ransomware’ this type of cyber-hacking is particularly nasty. What happens is the hacker gains access to your information and proceeds to use it against you, threatening to leak or delete your data unless you comply with their requests. The requests are mostly money relatedand they will claim to hold on to your data and demand that you send money to them. To avoid this, you must ensure you have the best security measures in place throughout your company. With the number of cyber-hackers out there, it is essential for all businesses and individuals alike to protect themselves as much as they can.

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How Do Social Intranet Platforms Power Your Workplace

Ever since technology encouraged globalized business, several companies have been working with employees and clients across the globe. However, this boon comes with challenges, and one of them is a lack of collaboration. Employees find it hard to collaborate with their remote colleagues and improve productivity. Social intranet platforms can help power collaboration and give employees an opportunity to be creative at work.

An intranet is thought to have originated in the mid-90s, but it took around two decades more to become employee-friendly. Earlier, intranets were limited to the top management, and lower-level employees used it only to become aware of the announcements by managers.

Modern intranet platforms work similarly to social networks. They are equipped with engaging features and interesting tools to help employees in their daily tasks. From communication to document sharing and project management, authorized members can use these collaborations software to strengthen bonds between employees and help them in becoming productive.

Here are some things social intranet platforms can do to power Your workplace:

  • One Solution for Communication and Work

Earlier, people switched between multiple platforms to talk to their coworkers and collaborate with them for work. This affected their work routine and left them with minimal time to improve their productivity.

Social intranets provide employees with a platform that they can use to chat, send/receive information, and collaborate with their remote colleagues for projects. They don’t need to switch between applications for their work. This way, they can save their time to use it later for other productive tasks.

  • Boosted Employee Engagement

Companies can use an intranet to develop connections between employees, even when they are sitting miles away from each other. Apart from chatting, authorized members can use online collaboration toolsof an intranet platform to engage with things related to the organization. For example, a company can share news about events or post engaging content to help employees in their work. Apart from that, an organization can share and reward its employees’ accomplishments. Employees work harder and with enthusiasm when they know that their efforts are appreciated.

  • More Opportunities for Employees to Open Up

Sometimes, employees hesitate to share their ideas or thoughts with their seniors. Social intranet platforms give people an opportunity to open up without any fear. Through group discussions and meetings, employees can talk to their coworkers and collaborate with them. They know that their ideas are being considered, and they are not being judged. They feel a sense of confidence and make more efforts to achieve organizational goals.

  • Effective Document Management

Apart from being collaboration solutions, companies can use intranets for document management. They use various tools of the platform to save documents on a common place over the network, which is accessible to all. Employees can use this feature to work on files in real-time. Also, they can collaborate for projects, find the information they require, and save/access documents they need for their work.

  • Positive Company Culture

Intranets become a platform where employees from different departments come together to work as one team. They develop a connection with one another and take steps to strengthen it. It leads to a company with a positive culture where employees make efforts to grow.

Conclusion Social intranet platformsare engaging networks that work similar to social media. Employees talk to each other, share their thoughts, retrieve information, and enjoy what they do. A company needs to find the most modern, effective software solution to reap all the benefits of a social intranet. Build a robust and useful intranet, and power your business!