Modern Cybersecurity Needs

cyber security

Cybercrime is a common issue in the modern business world and reports on large and expensive data breaches are common. For modern companies keeping their data safe is a key part of modern business as such information theft and cyberattacks can damage a company’s reputation, reduced business, hinder daily business activities, and can even lead to legal issues in the most extreme cases. The field of cybersecurity is growing and is in high demand. A masters in cyber security online can provide you with the education and tools to combat these issues. Here are three security issues modern businesses are currently addressing.

Areas of Security Need in Modern Business

  • Work From Home Issues: the recent COVID-19 pandemic lead to an increase in work from home options and many companies have decided to keep these changes permanent to take advantage of reduced overhead and happier employees. However, this has lead to new vulnerabilities in corporate cybersecurity. Allowing workers to use their own home internet and mobile access points requires companies to have security rules and tools (such as VPNs) in place to keep corporate data and workers safe from possible attacks. 
  • Siloing: data silos are a common issue in many businesses with data and networks being isolated from the broader company. Many legacy software platforms are not connected to cloud computers and broader company networks, this is common with older businesses with regional offices and a spread-out corporate footprint. While such issues may not affect daily business they do lead to security vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of. Cybersecurity solutions can include increased security at the point of concern or broader integration into existing systems. No matter the solution cybersecurity is a key part of keeping such locations safe.  
  • Adaptability: modern cybercriminals are quite innovative and their methods and tools of attack are constantly evolving and changing. A company’s cybersecurity tools and methods need to be adaptable and responsive to possible attacks and changing security needs. Ransomware is one such example of current security threats that are always changing. For every ransomware issue that is solved, there are new ones you have to be prepared to face. 

Final Thoughts

Information technology is an important part of not just modern business but the modern world in general and the internet is not going away anytime soon. While businesses worldwide have leveraged the speed and information-sharing capabilities of the internet to grow into global enterprises proper security is key to safe operation. A master’s in cybersecurity prepares you for this challenging and unique field of work.