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All About Choosing a Bathroom Sink

bathroom sink

The repair is over, the tiles are laid, and the pipes are installed. It is time to start equipping the bathroom. One of the important elements, without which this is almost impossible, is a washbasin. It is important to combine design with functionality and proper construction. A luxury bathroom sink of a unique shape will decorate any interior.

How to Choose a Bathroom Sink?

A washbasin is designed to perform the main function, namely, be appropriate for hygiene procedures. In addition, someone washes small household items there, and in the locker underneath, hygiene products can be stored. A sink also shapes the overall style of the bathroom.

When choosing a washbasin, pay attention to the following:

  • Get the right size. Take into account the dimensions of the room: if it is spacious, install large-sized models; if it is a toilet room, choose a mini-washbasin.
  • See what type of product is suitable for the interior: vessel sink, freestanding, or wall-mounted.
  • There are both budget and premium lines.
  • Consider an appropriately tall locker as the sink should be 31-33 inches high.
  • Most important is the choice of material. On the Aquatica website https://www.aquaticausa.com/, there are chic bathroom fixtures made from eco-friendly and patented materials: AquateX, NeroX, and EcoMarmor. They are strong and completely safe for health products. In addition, prevent the appearance of germs and bacteria. The surface is solid but pleasant to the touch, resistant to high-temperature extremes, and easy to clean.

Why Aquatica?

The company takes care of its customers by offering the best products and conditions.

  • Large selection of plumbing fixtures and accessories
  • Up to 25 years warranty
  • Design solutions
  • Made in EU
  • Award-winning materials
  • Fixed rate
  • Flat-Rate shipping
  • 30-day return
  • Best packaging solutions
  • Premium service with 24/7 customer support

Order plumbing fixtures in online stores only from manufacturers or authorized dealers. Therefore, you get the quality and warranty for products. You will also have the opportunity to use the services of installation or repair.