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Photo Management Apps Every Designer Needs

Apps are making our lives a lot easier, regardless of whether you’re hanging out with your friends via Facebook, or trying to come up with a quality business team. One profession that stands out in the crowd of its peers, in terms of app dependency is definitely design and every designer knows what type of apps is the most demanded on the market – photo management apps. We’ve rounded up a list of these apps for your convenience.
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Increase your app sales with app marketing

There is so much competition out there between apps these days since they have become so incredibly popular, that it is crucial to market your app right if you want to make those all-important sales. There are thousands of apps for everything you can think of and making sure that yours stands out in the crowd is no mean feat.

With the right marketing strategy, you can significantly raise the profile and visibility of your app so that people are aware of it and rushing to download it. Targeting is an important part of app marketing as it involves being aware of who your app is for and how you can reach those specific people.
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Upgrading a Website for the Mobile Generation

Unlike the early 2000’s when internet was most commonly accessed via laptops and desktops, The 2010’s are overrun with tablets, smart phones, and handheld smart devices that are capable of accessing the internet virtually anywhere. This decade has witnessed a massive shift in how web content and interactive programs are consumed, requiring websites to cater to the needs of the latest generation of web users.
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Top 5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Paytm

Paytm, the e-commerce website, is popularly known for its wallet service. It was launched in the year 2010, and offers a retail store similar to other popular online retailers. In the year 2015, Paytm also added bus travel booking to its services. Currently, they provide service to over 40 million wallets!
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The Price to Pay for Underestimating the Importance of Digital Parenting

Digital Technology has given rise to cyberbullying, cyberstalking, harassment, and sexting among other things, all of which can leave quite a mark on kids. This has added to the burden of parents as they now have the additional responsibility of making sure their kids stay safe from the harmful effects of the internet. Although the availability of products like offer an effective and convenient solution to the problem, they are often ignored as parents fail to realize what is truly at stake. They either underestimate the magnitude of risks internet poses to the younger generation, or have this misconception that their kids are strong enough to handle every problem on their own. At the end, it’s the kid who suffers. Digital parenting is not an option but a necessity as negligence on part of parents can have severe repercussions.

Porn Addiction

One of the biggest and by far the most common threat internet poses to kids is an addiction to porn. Unfortunately, pornography is just a click away, and kids aren’t good at resisting the temptation to access it. It starts off with curiosity. However, what’s initially meant to be a one-time thing soon becomes an addiction. Due to their lack of exposure to the real world and real life relationships, they develop unrealistic expectations based on a distorted and pervasive concept of beauty, love, and relationships. This consequently leads to anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, troubled relationships, and isolation.

Increased Chances of Suicide

Lack of parental supervision may also lead to other serious consequences like suicide. In fact, suicide is one of the leading causes of death among youngsters. This is what several studies have indicated in their findings. Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, harassment and other online threats cause depression among kids, which invokes suicidal thoughts. A large number of websites glorify suicide and portray it as an easy solution to all the problems. These websites also share different methods of committing suicide. Depressed kids easily fall prey to these websites and commit suicide, leaving their parents shocked and confused.

Education and Career at Stake

Internet addiction is yet another major consequence of underestimating the importance of digital parenting. Excess of everything is bad. The same rule also applies to the amount of time kids spend, or rather waste on the internet. Some parents do not keep a check on the amount of time their kids spend online. This affects their studies, resulting in lower grades. If things are allowed to continue like this, kids have a hard time getting into a good college, graduating with a good CGPA, and nailing a good job to live a comfortable life.

Kids may consider themselves tech gurus, but they rarely realize the implications of irresponsible or excessive use technology. Being their parents, it is your responsibility to keep your kids save, which is exactly why digital parenting is so important in this day and age.

Providing More Safety To Your Mobile Through Privacy Protector App

When your data privacy is at stake, and you do not want to take any chances, you can have the privacy protector app for encryption and archiving your files with guaranteed protection. This unique app is now available online at a special price and is packed with exclusive features that make it the best option for protecting your data from being hacked.

Privacy protection is now simplified as ever, with this protector app helping you to prevent hackers from getting access to your important info like credit card and other financial info. You have the option to use your favorite search engine to ensure total privacy to your searches and also prevent others from having a track on your online activity. It will allow you to stay secure and safe on unfamiliar networks and public Wi-Fi. And also help you to encrypt all connections that you have. No more using separate tools for cleaning, archiving and encryption of data, which are at times unreliable and are not compatible with each other, instead, here is an app that will provide you with a solution that is well balanced and bring usability as well as clarity to settings and menus. Other unique features of this privacy app include using flash drives to work as master keys, and burning of data and archiving them safely with recordables of high security. It can work without any password, and what is more, you can use existing images and files as password keys.

No more you have to memorize passwords of lengthy characters, instead, you can move around with a mobile password that is handy, by using the flash drive to be plugged in for generating the master key automatically. To create your email with proper attachment with just a click, and to clear all unwanted files, you can use the system cleaner which can be customized to your needs. With this app, your security applications will not look boring, but will have excellent and unique features that will help your data to stay fully protected. The protector app is designed with a built-in support of a M-Disc that will help your data to last even up to One Thousand Years. You will not have bitter experiences in losing data after only a few years, instead, this app will offer you with options for long term encryption of data. With this Privacy protector, you can remove all traces left while browsing, to help you remove unwanted files and free your disc space while protecting your files. Easy handling is what you get from using this app which has salient features that include creating self extracting archives, deleting files irrevocably and permanently, and using AES 256 for encryption as well as decryption. Going online, you can see the screen shots to get an idea of what this protector app can do. You will find websites from where you can download this app after buying at special prices. You will have all time support when you buy this app, which will help you to have extra protection of your data. For more information click here

Tricks Of Google Maps For Android

How many times have you saved the lost in a place you do not know thanks to Google Maps? Many! And with this tool you can calculate how to reach the site quickly and without confusion. Sure you also use Google Maps on your mobile, so today we will tell you some things you can do with Maps on Android and perhaps in other mobile ios as well.

Here are the best tricks of Google Maps:


As simple as that! You just have to click on the map with a finger and then slide up and down to increase the size of the image.


Scroll to the bottom up with two fingers on the screen, the map is tilted and can see, for example, posters of buildings.


As soon as you find a place you go to visit later, you can save your favorites from the app to keep track of it and see its location on the map whenever you need it.


If you have no internet connection on your smartphone at some time going overseas trip, this option will be very useful because you can see the maps you have downloaded on a phone via Google Maps to get around the city without problems.

To store a map for your phone, you must press the “Save map” when you are viewing that interests you and follow the simple steps that tells you.

To consult them offline, enters Google Maps, go to Options and click “Offline Maps”


Are you always going to rush everywhere? You can save an address as default to have only to enter your name and calculate a route from that point to where you want.


You can see a route with more than one point of origin and a destination, you can calculate routes with waypoints only press the “+” in the address box to add a stopover to the route.


If you see a typo on a map you can change yourself! To the left of the screen, the table where details appear on the map, you will find at the bottom the “Suggest edition”, then you can write the change must be made.

With Google Maps on your smartphone you’ll never miss! And with these tricks, you can now get more out.

Best Apps For Subway And Bus

You always go in a hurry, and in the morning, having to run behind the bus becomes very difficult and losing it may incur late for work. To avoid any races, unnecessary delays and small mananeros anger, we will recommend the best apps for the subway and the bus, so you will have all the schedules under control:


There are few cities with underground infrastructure in Spain:

Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia are the lucky ones. But the truth is that it is one of the most used means of transport and getting to say goodbye to traffic jams. Many of these cities have their official app.

Barcelona Metro official App

Barcelona, has its own Metro app that can check schedules and see which way you choose to get to your destination faster. You can take on your Android and your iPhone.

Bilbao Metro official App

If you have to take the metro in Bilbao, please download the full app, in addition to calculating your route, also located by GPS metro station closest to the point where you are. Download it for Android and iOS.

Metro de Madrid official App

Map, route calculation, schedules and road works is all you can find in the full implementation of the Madrid Metro. Download it now for Android and iOS .

Metro de Madrid Offline

In the case of the capital, you can enjoy the app does not need internet connection to calculate your route, ideal for when you’re traveling uninsured and do not know how to change trains stop. Download it for Android.

Malaga Metro official App

Malaga metro and also has an official app developed for Android where you can find the level of all lines in addition to calculate the fastest route.

Sevilla Metro official App

This beautiful Andalusian city also has a subway and, of course, your app will inform you of the timetables and routes of the trains and you can download for Android and iPhone.

Valencia Metro official App

In Valencia, have also developed an app for all users of this underground city are always aware of times and recommended routes. Wear it on your Android and iOS.


Next bus Barcelona

With this app, you’ll never miss the next bus to pass. Because it allows you to calculate how much time is left before the bus arrives at your stop. Download it now for Android.

Bus Madrid

Keep under control all buses in the capital with this comprehensive app that informs you of all times. Wear it on your Android.

EMT Malaga

In addition Malaga Metro, buses and also have an app dedicated to inform schedules and frequency with each passing bus. Download it to your Android or iPhone.

Santiago Bus

Santiago de Compostela, has an efficient bus service that can check their schedules, lines and routes in the app Bus Santiago.


If you want to catch the bus in Seville, download Sevibus on your mobile and you will not lose even one.


This app will inform you of all you need to know about the bus lines in the following cities: Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga and Zaragoza. Download it on your Android.

The Best Apps For Pets

Your pet has a special place in your home, the animals are always there, ready to get you a smile and that’s priceless. Surely not skimp on care for your faithful friend, the food he likes, toys, a comfortable bed … but may not know that there are also specialized applications in the care of pets, so very careful because we will recommend the best apps for pets:


Everything about your pet, you can easily archive the Pet Master Pro app. Your data, your allergies, your vet record, all at your fingertips and in your mobile phone because you never know when you might need it. Download now this app useful and complete and take it to your Android or iPhone.


If you’re considering having a puppy, his name is fundamental, you must choose well and it’s nice that the name represents a feature of your dog. If you are unsure, check the app Dog names you’ll find in alphabetical order, a lot of dog names. Download it to your iPhone.


Cats are animals of precious company that require a lot of care. One aspect to consider is especially feeding, so you never fail me and your cat to wear a proper diet, download Cat Food Nutrition Calculator and you’ll always know what foods you can eat.
You can also read the best apps for vegetarians and vegans


Many times you want to visit an exhibition, dining out, but do not like to leave your pet alone at home and this affects your plans, well, ran worry about finding someone to leave your pet! Pets welcome the app, you can check what venues throughout Spain pets.

If you already have a pet, and want to give a friend to play, a dog can be a good choice, but, even more if first use Perfect Dog.

This app will recommend a breed of dog or another according to the characteristics of your family and your home so that adaptation can be easy. Download Perfect Dog for Android or iOS.


Finally, we encourage you if you know a case of animal abuse, you do know. You can report it through the app Alert Animal Animal Observatory of Justice and Defense. With this application you can also send photos to prove the facts and the location of the affected animal. Download and Animal Alert.

To boast of beautiful and funny pet, upload all your photos and videos to social or send via Whatsapp networks, you have to equip your smartphone with a good rate that includes a bonus data, so enter our configuration mobile rates and is the option you need!