7 Popular Types of Gaming Apps

gaming app

Gaming has come a long way over the years, and there is now a huge variety of categories, allowing any kind of gamer to enjoy playing.

Games have been available on apps since the birth of apps, and since then, they have greatly developed. If you’re curious about the gaming experience on the smartphone, here are seven of the most popular types of gaming apps. 

1. Gambling

It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that gambling is one of the gaming types that dominate the world of apps. There are plenty of gambling games to choose from the app store, such as slots and poker.

Gambling is as popular as ever, but don’t worry if you don’t enjoy playing on your smartphone because you don’t need an app to play – click here if you’re interested in online bingo games to play from your computer.

2. RPGs

People mainly think of PCs and consoles when thinking about RPGs, but many apps allow you to enter an entirely different world and play as a character. Some of the most popular include Stardew Valley, Titan Quest, and Exiled Kingdoms. Playing them is the perfect way to escape for a little while without having to switch on your console!

3. Quizzes

There are tons of quizzing apps out there – some to play against computers and some to play against friends. With thousands of different quiz categories, you are sure never to get bored even if you’ve spent many hours playing.

4. Arcade

New arcade apps come out every day, and they are endlessly popular. Rather than playing a story, an arcade game allows you to play with skill without getting invested in the lore or characters (unless you end up attached to the angry birds, of course).

Some of the most-played arcade apps include Card of Darkness, Crossy Road Castle, and Pinball Wizard. It’s always fun to try and beat your high score!

5. Puzzles

Puzzles are great for the brain, and thankfully they’re easy to come across on the App stores. There are plenty of types for all different ages, so whether you are a newbie or you’ve played puzzles your entire life, there’ll be something for you. Just try not to get too frustrated when one baffles your brain!

6. Racing

Racing is always a blast – you get to choose a vehicle and race around a course, hoping to come first place. Many people have childhood memories of sitting down in front of the TV on an early generation console while racing their families to the finish line. Now, there are thousands of apps that allow you to race, so just hope all that practice paid off!

7. Card Games

Will card games ever go out of fashion? The answer is no. They’re classically simple, fun, and many require a fair amount of skill. With app card games, you don’t need to know how to shuffle or how to deal to play. There are plenty of types, from classics like blackjack and solitaire to some newer card game inventions, so you are sure never to get bored.