Things You Should Know About In-App Referral Programs


Have you been wondering about the low download rate of your apps? Did you try recommending it to your friends and family and probably their next of kin?

Too long a task, this way right. That’s what the whole In-App Referral Programs tend to achieve. We have all been recommended by our friends or family to download a mobile application and you may get this much discount or some similar incentives. Even if you are new to this concept, no problem, we’ll study the whole meaning and benefits as well as some terminologies associated with the in-app referral strategy within the next few minutes. 

First things first, a simple definition of In-App Referral is a marketing gimmick that offers quantifiable results by expanding the user base of an application to users who are loyal and active on it. It helps in generating awareness about the app amongst the users by advertising it organically with the help of existing users. 

Then the question arises, why would a person/user advertise your app? Does he/she get something in return? 

The answer is, Yes. The user will refer to your app further because he may receive incentives for doing it. It could be a discount somewhere, cashback, or anything which generates something in return for the user. 

Wondering, what it takes to make your app referral strategy a success? 

We need to consider these features In-App Referral. 

1. Creating and Sharing Referral Links

The most basic idea of successfully expanding your user base is to let existing users generate in-app referral links. These links, then, can be forwarded further to others and generate more consumers. These invitations are easy to generate and are one of the most used ways of in-app referrals. These can be shared through several social media apps or SMS features to many people. 

2. Tracking the referred link and the users

The task of referring links begins with the consumer to a potential consumer. However, the links need to be tracked and these links should have the information of who has shared it and who received it. The analysis of this data can further help in strengthening this strategy to create potential leads.

3. Collecting information of the most influential referrer 

The most influential user is someone who has referred to a lot of people. Since we have the information regarding the tracking data, it is easier to know who has referred the most. These users are to be well nurtured as their loyalty will bring in more potential users. 

4. Incentives and Redeem feature

Once you have the data, you need to disburse the incentives to both the sender and receiver. While also considering to lay the redeem feature smoothly without any hustle.

Let us now move on to the terminology of the in-app referral program and understand what the terms mean when using the feature for a mobile app with a referral program.

I. Referring User – this is the user who has figured out how to acquire new leads into the mobile application. One needs to spoil them a piece by offering them worthwhile prizes including limits, cashback, coupons, level up and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

II. Referred User – these are those leads that the referring user had shared the invitation of in-app referral with.

III. Referral Rule – these are set standards for both the referrers and referred need to fulfill to win those alluding prizes

IV. Event – any action taken, such as signing up or buying a product in the mobile app comes under this.

V. Referred Event – any action taken by the referred user in the application.

VI. Credits – grants, in-cash, or in the application offered to the users.

VII. Deep Link – a link that takes you to a specific content

VIII. Referral Link – this is a deep link created by the existing user to refer to others.

IX. Onboarding Flow – the experience of a chain of occasions that the new consumers are welcomed with once they download the application and open it.

Are these worth anything? Yes, it is. We have all been looking up to someone. Their recommendations and suggestions are a way of dealing with something. Similar is the referral of these apps. Let us now dive into the benefits of this app referral strategy. 

It offers practical results

An in-application referral program is one of those showcasing exercises or projects that offer effectively quantifiable outcomes as an extension of the user base and earning an incredible level of users who are dynamic and faithful to the application.  Utilizing an all-around planned referral program gives it a major lift and a push to achieve a virality to the application. 

The idea is to make every one of your users an advertiser for your application and extending to them motivations for the employment opportunity. These outcomes would then be able to be examined to foresee the number of potential users that lie in your application’s future. 

In utilizing pop-up messages, ASO, PR, and social showcasing best practices to spread mindfulness about the item — that is all vital.

Building Trust 

A referral program gets your expected users to trust your mobile application as it has been promoted by a companion or an associate. A program makes a sensation of the local area among application users. If one likes to utilize it, others likewise go with the same pattern. users need a social verification before utilizing an item or assistance, and a referral program helps your application accomplish greater adequacy. 

As per an examination led by Nielsen, 92% of the respondents believed referrals from individuals they knew. The initial step is to get your users to like your app and the following is to get them to suggest it with a prize they can appreciate.

Keep the acquisition cost low

While developing an advertising strategy the expense is consistently the primary thing that should ring a bell. 

How much is costing you to bring in users? On the off chance, if the cost is out of control, you would need to consider better planning. 

That is perhaps the most awesome aspect of an in-application referral program. It won’t cost you much cash by any stretch of the imagination, which makes it one of the best marketing gimmicks.

The motivation behind why users obtaining costs will be so low a reference is because you don’t have to elevate it to new individuals. That is its excellence. 

Your present consumers are your extended employee who just needs to refer the app. This will not cost you anything since you would already be able to get in touch with them through email, pop-up messages, or at whatever point they open up your application. Presently it’s simply an issue of realizing when to contact your current consumers and how to pitch the program to them.  

Conclusion At last, in case you’re searching for a new better approach to get more downloads while keeping your existing user base drawn; you should carry out an in-application referral program that satisfies both parties with some incentive. This is an incredible technique because your user obtaining costs will be low with immense profit generation. The circumstance of your referral program dispatch is vital. Delivering it too soon may not be your most ideal choice. Using effective tools which remind your current users to refer to the app is a go-to choice – pop-ups, emails, push notifications, etc. On the off chance that you follow these tips, while developing a mobile app you’ll get huge loads of new downloads by allowing your present clients to do the entirety of the work for you.