How to improve your company’s online profile

promote online company

There’s little denying the tremendous opportunities the internet has afforded companies in the last 30 or so years. However, if your firm takes full advantage of the world online, you should spend some time working at your company’s web profile to ensure you’re ticking all the boxes across all channels.

The way you promote your company online is vitally important in today’s highly digital and connected world. Perhaps more importantly – and unlike in the offline realm – the message you portray online doesn’t have the benefit of being reinforced or substantiated by a real-world sales and marketing team, so you must hit the right buttons and project your company in the best way possible from the outset. 

Read on for some proven tips to enhance and improve your company’s web profile.

Engage socially

These days it’s not enough for companies to simply have a website, and customers are increasingly coming to expect firms to have a social presence across the major platforms. So, at a minimum, you should make sure your company has pages on Facebook and Twitter – and, depending on the type of firm and the amount of marketing material you have available, also on other services like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

You should also remember to update these pages regularly with new and interesting content and always engage with followers that take the time to respond or comment.

Cater for all markets

It should go without saying that you should at least offer your site and your social posts in their native language if you have foreign customers. Nonetheless, it’s surprising just how many firms work on the assumption that most foreigners speak English, so there’s no need for them to have a translated version of their site or social posts.

If you’re to stand any chance of building a presence overseas or showing that you value your foreign customers, you should invest in translation localization software to adapt your existing online content for overseas clients.

Ensure you offer only the best quality content

When Bill Gatesfirst penned an essay entitled “Content is King” back in 1996, not even could have surely been aware just how seminal his message would become. When you look at today’s most successful online firms, they all (almost without exception) have one core value in common – namely that they offer quality, unique, engaging content that differentiates them from their rivals.

You should be constantly aware that anything and everything you publish online has the potential to both enhance or detract from your overall company profile and branding and should spend sufficient time crafting the best quality content possible.

Become an authority

One of the easiest ways to send a seemingly impartial message about your firm’s particular skills or prowess is to guest write for other sites or blogs. Not only will you have the opportunity to establish your authority, you’ll also be providing a useful (and free) service for your clientele (both potential and existing). Guest blogging is a hugely successful method for subtly promoting your firm while also demonstrating your knowledge and talents.