Cyber-Security Tips for Your Small Business

cyber security

All businesses are at risk of cyber-attacks, but many business owners are completely unaware of the dangers until it is too late. According to a survey, approximately 50% of businesses claimed they have been under attack in the past 12 months; therefore, your business isn’t exempt and is at significant risk of being the next target. Despite this, there are tactics you can utilize to lower your risk and prevent private data and other assets from being hacked into or stolen. Below are just some of the ways you can increase the cybersecurity of your business:

  • Improve password protection

Using passwords to protect your business data is the first stage of improving your cybersecurity. Many people overlook the importance of strong passwords, but it is often the main reason why devices can be hacked in the first place.

Strong passwords are vital. They need to contain letters, numbers, special characters, and a word that isn’t easily guessed (such as the company name or name of an employee). If there is sensitive data that you don’t wish for employees to access, ensure you use a separate password for personal devices or folders.

cyber security
  • Hire an IT company

If you have no experience in cybersecurity, you’ll be at an even higher risk of hacking scandals for the simple fact that you won’t know what to look out for. Data Cube Systems is an IT cyber-security company that will create a strategy to suit your needs, identifying, detecting, and responding to any cyber-attacks that may be putting your devices and data at risk.As a result, you won’t have to worry about viruses and malware getting through to your system, as a professional IT company will handle the situation on your behalf and give you the freedom and time to carry out your usual business duties.

  • Include cyber-security training

During the hiring process, it is important to give your employees basic training on cybersecurity policies. Hacking scandals are usually invited onto devices through human error; by clicking a link or downloading software that may be untrustworthy. Therefore, informing your employees straight away about what to look out for will dramatically reduce the number of cyber-attacks within your small business. It would also be worth carrying out regular training sessions to keep up to date, as hacking scandals are constantly developing.

·      Perform background checks

You may be so caught up in the worry that outsiders are a threat to your business that you overlook the possibility of risks within your internal workforce. Inside scandals are one of the most common and greatest threats your business can face. 50% of security threats are at the hands of employees, which is why you need to be extremely careful when hiring new staff members. It would be highly advised to perform background checks before committing yourself to any potential employee, as this will give you an idea of their character and whether they have any criminal history that could be a danger to your business.