3 Types of Postcards Used for Real Estate Marketing

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The necessity and importance of marketing in real estate cannot be overstated. Many tools are used for real estate prospecting, but direct mail is one of the most successful ones. Real estate postcards are one type of direct mail often used to hook new clients due to their affordability, ease of production and success rate. There are many templates out there for those less artistically designed as well as many different types of postcards. Here are three types of postcards commonly used for postcard marketing real estate.

1. Postcards About New Agents

One type of postcard good for real estate marketing is the new agent postcard. New agent postcards are exactly what they sound like, postcards that introduce a new agent. These are a great way for real estate agents in the first year of their career to get their name out there. Besides making possible clients aware of the existence of new real estate agents, new agent postcards also a way for real estate agents to begin to develop an image and reputation based on what is important to them. These postcards give potential clients a taste of what the real estate agent marketed is like and what he or she values. 

2. Postcards About Real Estate Just Sold

Another type of postcard useful for marketing in real estate is the just sold postcard. Just sold postcards, like new agent postcards, are good for spreading a real estate agent’s name. They also convey that the agent is capable of successfully closing a deal and that the agent can perform the same task for the potential client viewing the postcard. 

3. Postcards About Real Estate Just Listed

The just listed postcard is one of the more utilized postcards and is practically a staple in real estate. It serves to inform buyers that a home is available for purchase. 

These are only three of many types of postcards that can be used in real estate marketing. Postcards work well as a marketing method, so consider using them if you ever decide to join the real estate business.