Get Your Ecommerce Shipping In Order With These 3 Easy Hacks

e-commerce shipping

How accurate and effective is your ecommerce shipping game plan? Chances are that you have received a few angry emails over the years regarding customers not receiving their package, having to wait too long to get it or just about everything else under the sun. When your fulfillment department does not have all cylinders firing, it means lost productivity, cancelled or returned orders and more work for you. But you can turn that around with these three hacks that can revamp your ecommerce shipping process in a snap.

Use The Right Software

The first place that you want to start with is your software solution. If you are not using good software, you can end up with a confusing fulfillment mess. But a lot of retailers have no idea what solution they should use and commonly end up using integrated ones from their shopping carts that require a lot of manual and tedious work. To help you get off on the right foot here, check out this Buzzfeed guide on what to look for in shipping software. It can help you get a running start.

Merge The Packing List & Shipping Label

Commonly, you will see this happen: the shopping cart prints out the invoice. Your software prints out the label (or the shopping cart or postal provider does). You then sit there and tirelessly match labels to invoices, which is time consuming and prone to error. What you can instead do is look for labels that combine this – where you simply peel out the label and put in the box and then slide the packing list or invoice inside of it. How much easier is that?

Revamp Your Ecommerce Shipping Strategy

Sometimes a head to toe makeover is just what the fulfillment doctor ordered. You may be thinking, well, I already have an effective process in place. If you are seeing too many orders returned, are having issues with accuracy or are spending too much time on fulfillment, then such is not the case. Ask yourself this: why are you working harder and not smarter?

Instead, a little bit of research can go a long way in you getting your fulfillment process in order quickly. But you will need some help, resources and guidance along the way. We searched far and wide for this awesome ecommerce shipping guide to help you get a head start.

It has everything that you need in it to ship smarter and faster than ever before. Plus, it’s a great resource that provides valuable answers to many commonly asked questions that you will run into along the way. The best part, it’s free. You can use it all you want to find the answers and links that you need. Make sure you bookmark it in your browser so you have the best shipping hack ever created waiting for you just a click away.