Exploring Software Engineer Jobs in Seattle


The west coast is the place to be these days for jobs in the tech industry. Though San Francisco and other cities of California are taking most of the credit for the biggest shifts in the world of technology, there are a number of other locations doing great work along the western seaboard. Seattle, Washington, for example, has been a booming cultural hub for decades now. With so many young and intelligent minds in one place, it makes sense that software engineering has fast become a popular field with plenty of open positions.

If you are a software developer and you are looking for a change of scene, you might want to think about Seattle. There are a number of excellent reasons to think about making this move. Take a look at these reasons to choose Seattle for your career destination and whether or not it is the right fit for your future.

Stay Charged

Are you a fan of coffee? Most people who work long hours are. As a software developer, you probably are used to staring at a computer for stretches of time, analyzing each and every detail of a code. If you rely on a cup of coffee to get you through the day and another one for the night, then Seattle might be a great place to explore career options. A good cup of coffee is easy to find in Seattle, which is known for its many different cafes and coffee shops.


In fact, Starbucks first got started out in Washington. If that isn’t a success story, then what is? While you might not want to base your future career moves entirely around the availability of caffeinated drinks, it can be a huge perk when searching for a new place to move. There are a ton of exciting and lucrative software engineer jobs in Seattle for people of a wide variety of skill sets. All you need to do is find a position you qualify for and see which local coffee shops are closest to the office.

Natural Wonder

Working as a software engineer can require a ton of time spent indoors in front of screens. While it can be fulfilling, it can also be frustrating to people who enjoy getting out for a bit of time spent in nature. Seattle is known for its rainy climate and while it is definitely rainy, it is also surrounded by beauty. Seattle is tucked away amidst forests, mountains, and the cool waters of Puget Sound. When you’ve spent enough time inside, simply head outdoors, take a stroll around, and soak in all of the beautiful scenery to feel recharged.

Being a software engineer opens you up to a world of different career options. Deciding where you want your path to take you is going to be entirely up to you. If California does not seem to match your personality, give yourself a bit of time to see what Seattle might be able to offer. Whether you’re appreciating the view or indulging in some coffee, this might be a great direction to steer your professional life.