Charles Phillips Discusses Enterprise Software Applications


If you are a businessman, aspiring or experienced, the name Charles Phillips is definitely one that is known. Ever since he worked for Oracle his vision was clear and brought in so many new acquisitions and investments with the main purpose of making the user have a customized software solution that meets all needs. The trend continued during his ongoing leadership of Infor. Everything revolves around his vision about cloud computing and enterprise software applications. Some of the main ideas about the topic are presented below.

Inspiring Creativity In The Industry

One of the main reasons why Charles Phillips and the Infor board of directors decided to move to New York as opposed to the regular IT hubs like San Francisco or Silicon Valley was that people that do not remain surrounded only by technology can be more creative. In the enterprise software industry it is really important to consider design and deliver something that looks great for the business user. In New York City the fashion houses and the popular design schools embraced technology, thus making the entire environment a lot better in Charles’ view than a technology hub.

The Importance Of Interface Design

Enterprise applications are normally hated by users because of interface design. Charles Phillips always highlighted this and did all that was possible to build a highly effective and experienced internal design agency. The purpose was to basically make the application look and function in a better way. Most of the regular enterprise software users do not actually want to use the applications and will try to get the assistant to do the work. This leads to problems for the business. Offering a proper software solution means offering a program that people are going to love to use. Interface design stands out as one of the most important factors for the end-user.

The Importance Of Constant Development

Infor was not really known by many in the industry for years. However, as time passed, more started to learn about it. That happened as Infor invested a lot of money in acquiring different companies that would make the services offered as customizable as possible. It was highlighted that the entire industry is evolving at a huge speed. Every 5 years the business landscape is completely different. Infor focuses on developing and offering something new ahead of the competition, thus increasing results and profits.

Customized Packages

Charles Phillips also highlighted the fact that the packages that are normally offered by software providers are highly limited. They include a specific set of features that limits the effectiveness of the entire company. When offering a package that is completely customized based on the needs of the business user, it is a certainty that results are going to be a lot better than what would come from the pre-determined set of features in regular packages.

Infor constantly discusses with clients and learns what they want and need. It is this that leads to really great efficiency in what is offered. Enterprise software solutions have to be customizable in order to bring in high quality results for clients.