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How to convert your garage into your home office

garage renovation

It is essential when you are looking to change an area from a non-livable area into a livable one that you know and follow all regulations and planning permissions set down by the country or state that you are living in. You may find that you will need (or it may be beneficial to) hire the services of an architect, even if it is just to submit plans for the relevant planning permissions.

Plan your area

When planning your area, you must stand back and think about where you are going to work, the amount of light that you will require, and the number of power points that all your technology will need to function.

Planning out these points, along with deciding how your new working area is going to be heated, ventilated, and cooled, are factors that need to be taken into account before the internal work of plaster boarding and so on takes place.

Although it is relatively easy to add an additional outlet or two later on in the conversion, placing additional windows, air conditioning units and more can be just an unnecessary hassle and are far better to have worked out earlier in the build. 

Obtain the tools and equipment

When it comes to obtaining the equipment and tools that you will need to carry out the work, it is a good idea to go to a highly reputable business that deals with everything that you will require. A business such as Tradefix Direct has not only the tools that you will need to complete the job in hand but also all the fixtures and fittings and safety gear too.

Having a one-stopshop is great for timesaving as it means that you will not have to waste your precious time surfing the web trying to find all the items that you need and then paying out for multiple shipping prices.

Do it yourself or hire contractors

If you do not have any building experience, the question could be whether to get someone in or do it yourself. Well, depending on the rules of the state that you are living in, you will probably have to get a licensed electrician in to install your electrics for you. Whereas boarding and plaster boarding, skirting, and flooring are something that you could probably do yourself with a little bit of help from extra hands. In order to get the best finish on your walls and ceiling, it is far better to get a professional in as there is a knack for plastering that takes time to master. Then comes the much more enjoyable part of decorating and dressing your new office to your particular taste. Again, depending on the amount of time and knowledge you have, can either be carried out by yourself with a bit of extra help or can be completed to perfection by experienced interior designers, decorators, flooring specialists to get that executive finish that most desire. However, this will all come at a financial cost that will not be cheap.