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How to Improve the Hotel Guest Experience


Guests should be at the heart of every hotel decision. They will determine every action, change or promotion a company makes. The hotel sector is flourishing right now, and you must be at the top of your game if you want to compete with your rivals.

To ensure you create happy customers, we are offering some informative tips on how to improve the guest experience, which could result in many positive reviews and boost the hotel’s annual turnover.

Go Above and Beyond

It does not matter what a hotel looks like if you have great employees, who can often make or break the guest experience. Sometimes all it takes to enjoy a stay is a friendly face at the reception desk or a member of staff who will go above and beyond to ensure they cater to a guest’s every requirement.

You must therefore train staff to look for opportunities to impress a guest. For example, a member of the team may overhear a guest make a comment that they have forgotten their toothbrush or toiletries, so encourage staff to take some initiative and knock on a guest’s door with the forgotten items – because that one kind gesture may result in them booking another stay at the hotel. The hospitality training will also ensure your employees learn to value the guest experience, which will create a happier, rewarding environment for both your team and guests.

The Little Extras

The little extras can make a big difference to the customer experience. Sometimes all it takes to put a smile on a guest’s face is a chocolate on their pillow, luxurious toiletries in the bathroom or even a towel in the shape of a swan. Think about the items you would like to receive during a hotel stay and provide similar experiences for your guests.

Consult a Renovation Specialist

Is your hotel in desperate need of an upgrade? If you do not know where to start, consider consulting a hotel renovation specialist, such as Sajan Hansji, who can transform an outdated interior into a contemporary hotel that guests cannot wait to experience.

If you fail to upgrade a hotel, you may soon disappoint the customers walking through the doors. So, do not allow a hotel to fall into disrepair and present your guests with accommodation that is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Thank Your Guests

Hotel guests like to feel as though they are more than just a number. That is why you should send a thank you email to a customer a few days after their stay is over. You can guarantee they will appreciate the time you have taken to drop them an email – and, if you are feeling generous, you could provide a 10% discount or more on their next stay to encourage them to return in the future.

So, if you want to improve the guest experience, do not be afraid to embark with a hotel renovation, ensure you train your staff to make your guests feel welcome at the hotel, and say thank you once their hotel experience has come to an end.