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eHost Review

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In this eHost review, we look at a brief background of the hosting service and highlight some features that have made it a leading choice for many startups.


eHost which is owned by Endurance International was relaunched in 2014 as a low-cost hosting site that targets individuals and medium sized businesses. They offer Linux hosting that is shared in the form of an unlimited plan. The package they have on offer is quite necessary but is ideal for startups looking for a reliable hosting site. eHost provides their customers with a site builder, email and other services that complement web hosting.


The popularity of eHost as a hosting provider has grown over the years making it a favorite of many online users. It has a variety of features that make it stand out when compared to others offering similar services.

  1. Pricing plan – The main reason for the exponential growth of eHost is its affordable pricing. Also pointed out in WHSR’s eHost review, the web host has a price structure that is solid and allows users to get everything they need without having to put in a lot of money at first. The single plan structure offered by the hosting site is much cheaper than its competitors, whether signing up for short or long term services.
  2. Elaborate feature set – eHost offers Linux servers that use a CPanel at the backend making it ideal for those are looking for something familiar or have not dealt with hosting sites before. The set consists of one-click installs that are common with a variety of open source software while giving access to various tools that are useful for website management.
  3. Uncluttered backend- When compared to similar hosting sites, eHost has one of the cleanest backends with an efficient design. The checkout process is also clear and transparent for the benefit of users. Although some ads can be seen in the Cpanel, they are minimal and do not cause much distraction. Also, they use sorting screens and e-mails to help new users using their hosting service for the first time.
  4. Efficient customer service- eHost has made interaction with their customers much easier by providing a variety of channels through which their customer service representatives can be reached. The channels include e-mail and chat (available day and night), phone and support tickets. Every account has an agent assigned to handle inquiries and offers assistance when needed. Also, they have a knowledge base that allows customers to take advantage of their DIY support base.

Even as this eHost review seems to point out the positive features of the hosting site, it also has some downsides as well. One of the most prominent cons of the site is its slow performance which is not good for sites that have a lot of images and relies on mobile devices to reach its target market.

In conclusion, eHost is a site that is ideal for businesses that are looking for an online launch pad that is low cost and efficient. It is a site worth using for startups that do not have a large budget to spend.