5 Industries That Are Most Vulnerable to Data Breaches

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Today’s modern society has a new challenge that has recently expanded in its complexity. This new challenge for many businesses today is to continuously combat the growing issue of data security online. There are many industries that struggle with keeping up with the changing technologies of cybersecurity. The good news is that many of these industries are working hard to combat this problem and keep customers’ and stakeholders’ information private and secure. Here are the five industries that are most vulnerable to data breaches.

1. Financial
With the advent of online banking and computerized databases loaded with financial details about millions of Americans, cybersecurity in the financial industry is a big concern. There have been several highly publicized data breaches of people’s banking information and financial histories. Additionally, individual customers often are combating various types of criminals who somehow gain access to credit card accounts or bank accounts illegally. The banking industry continues to work hard to combat criminals and computer hackers in accessing and stealing information and money.

2. Retail
With the retail industry, the newest problems have come from criminals accessing customer payment and account information. With this information, criminals have been able to generate copies of customer credit cards for illegal usage and purchases. The retail industry is working hard to be able to continue to collect customer information and store credit card details but in a safer manner. This way, customers can feel more comfortable making purchases at their favorite corporate retailers.

3. Healthcare
When you see a medical provider or go to the hospital, you trust that your personal information about your medical history is private. While for the most part, your details remain between you and your doctor, there have been several cases of online patient information being breached.  The medical industry is working hard to fight this by recruiting highly-skilled individuals to help design solutions for potential data infiltration. Experts from MVU Online degree programs and those who have completed UAB’s bachelors in mis degree are getting equipped to help with this issue.

4. Education
The education industry has also seen increases in data breaches. Some of these breaches have released private student details to criminals or the general public. While many educational institutions still feel the need to collect data about their student population, the industry needs to step up their cybersecurity plan keep this information private and protected. As more schools integrate online capabilities into their curriculum, tuition payments, and other parts of student life, the need for security may increase.

5. Social Networking
The final industry that is vulnerable to data breaches is social networking. With millions of users around the world, the top social networking sites must strive for a secure online environment. What is at risk is a large sector of privacy that many social network users can’t afford to lose. Data breaches have the potential to release private messages, embarrassing posts, personal details, and other sensitive information that could cause a huge outcry.
The need for increased cybersecurity across popular industries may continue to grow as technology changes. Security specialists need to work to be on top of the newest trends that criminals are following and other methods that allow personal details to be accessed.