How to Hack Any PC Game Using the Cheat Engine


As the digital world, especially the gaming world, continues to expand, more and more people are drawn to play PC and console games. Many of these people are beginner players, and they can get stuck playing advanced or difficult games.

What do you do if you are a beginner game player? Do you give up in frustration or do you find a cheat or hack that will allow you to carry on playing the game?

There are many different types of cheats and hacks that players use to give themselves an advantage when playing PC games. One of the most common ways of adding a cheat to a PC game is to use a cheat engine.

What is the Cheat Engine?

According to IWantCheats, the “Cheat Engine is a great piece of software that allows you to choose a game process running on your computer and scan it for certain values or codes …, and then you change those values.”

In other words, the Cheat Engine allows people to cheat in most PC games. It allows the user to write a script that will hack the PC game for you. These scripts are known as Cheat Tables of CT Files.

Where do I find the Cheat Engine?

The Cheat Engine is Open Source and, thus, free for anyone to download. There are many websites that you can download the Cheat Engine from. To find the right Cheat Engine to hack the game you are playing, you will need to do a bit of online research.

How does the Cheat Engine work?

The aim of the Cheat Engine is to provide a list of alternate values for the part of the game you want to hack. Here are few simple steps that you need to follow to generate a cheat for the game you are playing:

  • Make sure that both the PC game and the Cheat Engine are running together.
  • The Cheat Engine will then scan the game engine and provide a list of elements or variables that you require a hack or cheat for.
  • Choose the element or variable from the list in the Cheat Engine.
  • Once you have chosen the correct element from the list, the Cheat Engine will scan the game processes and supply you with a list of alternate values for your requested element.
  • You need to choose which alternate value you would like to change the requested element to, and change the value of the requested element in the game itself.
  • The game engine will then update the element with the new value, and you will be able to continue playing.

You will not be able to hack every game because game developers are continually trying to close the loopholes that allow you to hack the game. It is, in essence, a competition between the game development company and the Cheat Engine developers; the winner (developer or hacker) takes all.

Final Words

Using the Cheat Engine to generate hacks or cheats for the game you are playing, is a very simple way to guarantee that you will finish the game you have started.